Facebook Nearby Friends accuracy
A couple of months back, Facebook introduced us to the Facebook nearby friends feature. Using this feature, you can know if your friend is nearby your area. In the same way, when you go near their home, they will get a notification saying the same. However, there are still many catches when it comes to Facebook’s Nearby Friends’ accuracy.
People are seeing their friends nearby even if they aren’t. In the same way, they are not able to see if a friend is nearby in certain cases.
Therefore, here will see how much Facebook’s nearby friends feature is accurate.
Facebook Nearby Friends accuracy Explained
Before getting more into the accuracy point, let us first see how Facebook fetches the location of the user. There are mainly two ways, you can do it. One of them is by sharing the exact location using the GPS. Whereas, if you don’t want to turn on the GPS, facebook will automatically fetch the general location.
Now, if you are wondering what is general location, it is a location that is fetched using the internet data you are using.
For instance, if you are connected to a wifi network, the general location will show the location of the router. In the same way, for the people who are using mobile data to use the internet, Facebook will show the location of the nearest cell tower.
Therefore, you can’t totally rely on Facebook Nearby Friends’ accuracy.
How to show the exact location?
Now for the people who really want to meet someone or show the exact location of where you are, there are the following ways you can do it.
First of all, you will need to turn on location access.
For Android, open the Facebook app and click on the three horizontal line menu. Go to the “nearby friends” option and turn it on.
For IOS, you will need to enable location service by going to Settings > Privacy > Location services. You can click on share my location and enable it.
Once you are there, your “nearby friends” option will be enabled.
Now whenever you want to share your exact location, you will need to open the messenger. Open the message window of your friend with whom you want to share the location. You will see a little compass icon over there. Hit the compass icon and they will see the precise location until you stop it.
Please note that it will go on forever until you stop it. So, if you don’t want to share your location, you will see the stop option over there. Click on it and the location sharing will be disabled.
Final words
Therefore, the Facebook Nearby Friends is a catchy feature and there are a lot of disadvantages to it. You surely can’t rely on Facebook Nearby Friends' accuracy. Relax, your spouse isn’t cheating on you. The location might not be as accurate as it should be. Long story short, depending on the basis on how the user shares the location, the accuracy might vary. In most cases, it is not accurate.