Hashtags are prefixes to a summary of the information we intend to pass along to a group of people. It is represented by the “#” pound symbol without spaces included in the words with it. They are metadata tags mostly used for micro-blogging and photo-sharing on various social media platforms.

Examples of these platforms include Twitter, Instagram, WeChat, YouTube, Pinterest, and TikTok. We basically need to use hashtags most times to help us rank high when people search for related information on the Twitter search bar. Also, other people who use such hashtags are also included in the search results. The importance of making use of hashtags in your post across social media platforms cannot be over-emphasized.

It’s of great importance in projecting one’s information, branding, and general visibility to a large community of “like” users. In fact, it also helps one to gain new followers who are interested in what we share in terms of pictures, videos, audio, and text content. When it comes to proper positioning on algorithms on various social media platforms, you can never go wrong with hashtags. They are simply easy to use.

Why Hashtags are Needed?

We are constantly faced with reasons why we should include hashtags whenever we want to make a post on social media. But you need to understand that if you intend to reach a larger audience rather than your immediate followers then hashtags are a must, reasons being:

  1. It helps to get more interactions with every one that comes in contact with ones post with more likes, shares, comments and even new followers.
  2. It enhances brand visibility which is a mile stone approach to start a conversation and elevate ones business.
  3. It’s a simple way of expanding our content on posts made.
  4. It is an awesome way to get specific audience, especially those that wpuld be interested in what the brand stands for.
  5. Its keeps us abreast of our conversations.
  6. It helps to persuade intending user if they find the content interesting to them.
  7. It makes it easy to avoid unnecessary information and stick to what catches your fancy.
  8. Gives information about a sponsored post partnership.

Famous Hashtags in History

Here’s for you to know that you are not alone when making use of Hashtags. Lots of people have used this in times past and it helped them gain lots of new audience and visibility. In as much as it is easy to use but then again you shouldn’t overuse it. Maximum of thirty usages per post. Here are some of the famous ones in history.

  1. #love (2.1Billion posts)
  2. #instagood (1.3Billion posts)
  3. #fashion (972Million posts)
  4. #photooftheday (931Million posts)
  5. #photography (769Million posts)
  6. #beautiful (749Million posts)
  7. #instagram (691Million posts)
  8. #picoftheday (655Million posts)
  9. #nature (639Million posts)
  10. #happy (639Million posts)

The above is done across different social media platforms. And each platform has its unique and distinct way of it being used. Plus try to know the niche that is relative to the brand and content you are producing.

Hashtags Suggestions

The beauty of these suggestions is that most times all you need to get started with is to just type “#” in the search box or post box. Then possible option would come up. You could then go further to type the first letter after the “#” more options still come up. In which you can get to choose your desired one.

Please note the following

  • The hashtags usually starts with “#”
  • No need to put spaces between each word.
  • You can make use of alphabet and numbers.
  • Also the use of special characters is welcomed

Alternatively, when in doubt there are several hashtags generators to help out.

Hashtags Generators

It’s best to know that when choosing hashtags you choose the one with fewer posts so that your content will not be lost in the one with lots of tags. To make the post less stressful and easy we have tools that help to create hashtags.

  1. HashtagsForLikes
  2. Kicksta
  3. Inflact
  4. Tailwind
  5. Flick
  6. Keyhole
  7. Sistrix
  8. Display Purposes
  9. Instavast
  10. Photerloo
  11. BigBangram
  12. Seekmetrics
  13. TagsFinder
  14. TagMentor

After all, is being said the use of hashtags is such that it helps us to rank our keywords or phrase that we need a large audience to have insight about. We should try to use them often in our daily routine because it could even attract new followers to you. Also need to use them correctly to achieve optimal results.