Have you tried accessing the Gratisindo website, but found out that the URL directs me to another web platform? Well, there is nothing in which you can do, due to the fact that Gratisindo has sold its rightful birth to the new interface known as Waptrick.



Now, the Waptrick downloading site is a new innovation of various website like Waphan, Wapdam, Zamob, Mexicowap, and others are registered under the new platform.

Well, aside from that… Gratisindo was a popular and fascinating free downloading web platform that provides you with phone media files like Photos, Videos, Music, and others as well.

What is Gratisindo?
Actually, Gratisindo was once the leading free mobile downloading website that within a few minutes you get connected with entertaining content. You could also discover a new lot of downloadable files as mentioned above.

The platform is kindly respected for its free download of MP3 songs, free genres of games, application for mobile phones, and lots more. And, just like every other website unified under Waptrick, the new presence of the platform provides even more entertaining and fascinating files.


So, have you been searching for Gratisindo Mp3 Download, Games, Videos, etc. at website for fast and easy download to your mobile phone? Or do you want to learn How to Download on Gratisindo Website? Well, you should keep reading….

The New Interface of the Gratisindo Website
However, as I mentioned before, Gratisindo is now fully registered under Waptrick.

In case, you missed the first paragraph, this is where you can best understand the new interface.

Initially, the Gratisindo website URL was where you download whatever downloadable content you want to download.

However, that has changed because the website has been resurfaced under the new interface called Waptrick.

Therefore, when you log on to Gratisindo URL, you will be redirected to the new web platform.

Although, on the new interface, you can enjoy lots of content Games, Videos, Photos & Pictures, Wallpaper, Themes, Applications, Sound Effects, and lots more.

In fact, lately, the website introduces a streaming feature where you can watch your favorite and newly release TV series. Sounds Interesting, right?

Categories Available to download on Gratisindo
Categories on this platform are free to download and you will also enjoy the features from each category.

Since the platform has been merged with Waptrick, and the URL is changed to that of Waptrick, but they still contain the same media files and benefits.

This merged platform gives the best media quality for both PC and high-quality mobile phones.

Anyways, here are some listed categories available to download on Gratisindo.

• Dropant Play Online
• Photos and Picture
• Themes
• Live Wallpapers
• Games
• Applications
• TV series
• Song lyrics

Downloading on the Website for free
Well, based on the cause of action, most people have been unable to access the service due to the installation of the Anti-virus.

Now, you can actually make a pause of the anti-virus system so as to be able to access the new interface.

Therefore, follow the following process to learn how to download for free:
 First, simply, access your browser and click which directs you to the new interface Waptrick.

 Simply play around the features or categories of content you see.

 Then, select one content to proceed to download.

 Now, you can follow other require or sub-categories content.

 Indicate the right downloading content that you want to download.

 Finally, the next stage is for you to click the Download icon you see and the process will begin.

Accessing MP3 files on Gratisindo
Accessing the world of Gratisindo is very easy, all you need is an internet-enabled device with a browser.

Next, you enter on your device.
You may try to access the Gratisindo platform and be redirected.

Don’t panic. As I have stated earlier, there is no cause for alarm as you are in the right place.

Download Mp3, Mp4 Music on Gratisindo
The one good thing about Gratisindo is that users don’t have to create or login to an account in other to download anything on this web portal.

So, how about you quickly check out the below steps
First thing first, open up any of your web browsers and enter the web address, in the address bar on your browser and it will redirect you to
Don’t panic here, just go on…..

Next step, you click on the category you want to download from and click on a subcategory if any need.

Finally, you click on the particular file you want to download and click on the download icon to start downloading.

Now, this is how you can proceed to download that you really wish to download from the official portal whether it is or

In conclusion, keep in mind that, it’s through the new interface that you can be able to download your wanted file.




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