Today, Google has released the fifth and final public beta of Android 12 for supported Pixel devices. It has a “release candidate” status, and the next version after that will be the last version, applicable to all supported pixels, not just those participating in the Beta program.

This is also the first beta version you can install on the newly released version Pixel 5aBecause it just started selling.If you have one and want to run the fifth Android 12 beta on it, you just need to register it to the Android Beta program by Go to this page. After completing this operation, you will receive an over-the-air update for Android 12 Beta 5.

Google Pixel 5a

If you were on the Beta track before, then the latest version of the over-the-air update is already available. If you have not received a notification on your Pixel, go to Settings> System> System Update and check manually-you may need to press the “Check for Update” button twice, but you will receive a notification. Unlike Google’s “stable” version, this version is not staggered in any way, and now all phones participating in the Beta program around the world can use it.

The internal version number is SPB5.210812.002, and the update size varies depending on the device you are using.In our office Pixel 4 XL This is already in the previous beta, with a download of 131MB, but your mileage will definitely vary.

Google released the fifth and final Android 12 beta, now also available for Pixel 5a

with Beta 4 was released last month Android 12 has reached what Google calls “platform stability”, so all application-oriented surfaces are final. Beta 5 contains “the latest fixes and optimizations”, which hopefully means that more bugs have been resolved (the previous version still has many bugs).

The official Android 12 version is about to be released, and Google said it “only a few weeks” at this time.



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