Moments are for a short time while memories are for a long time but with Google photos, you are covered for a lifetime. Google Photos by Google started back in 2015. And gained lots of users due to its free storage space. It helps us to keep records of our moments stored for recovery at any time we need it. Just by storing our photos and videos. We can get it anytime we need it from any device logged into Google photos.

This application helps us to neatly arrange our files for use at a later time. It’s super easy to save photos and videos. Also, we get to share them with our loved ones to keep abreast of our activities. It also has a cool editing tool and filters to your utmost satisfaction. You could print directly from your phone and even frame it.

Google Photos on Computer

How to Download files from Google Photos

Here is a step-by-step approach on how to download your pictures and videos from Google photos. Here all your archive pictures and videos can be downloaded back to your device. For your viewing pleasure and needs. You could even decide to edit, add filters, and compress further.

From computer

From your computer type ”” in your browser {this allows you to get back all previously-stored photos back to your device}


  • Sigin to your Google phones account by providing your email address, password and phone number into your account.
  • Tap on the “Deselect” at the top of the “product list” at the upper corner of your screen.
  • Then tap and tick to “check” on the box next to Google photos.
  • Tap on “Next step” button at the down side of your screen.
  • Now choose your preferred delivery method for your photo archive.

More on the mode of delivery for your content on the archive. We have various ways in which you can decide to get back your content in the archive. You could pick to get a link sent to your mailing address and then download it to your device. Also, you can decide to move them to dropbox, Onedrive, or box cloud.

  • Next tap on “create archive” button.
  • Click on the “download” button
  • It downloads a ZIP file into your computer.

From Phone or Tablet

Here is a guide on how to retrieve your photos and videos back to your phone or tablet. It is already assumed that you have previously downloaded, installed, and already have an account with Google Photos.

  • Open the app on your phone or tablet (iPad, iPhone or Andriod).
  • Tap on “Photos” at the down part of the screen.
  • A backup message would pop on your screen, allow to complete its process.
  • Choose and click on the pictures you want to download to your device.
  • Click on the “three dot” on the upper part of the screen.
  • Tap on “save to device” on the menu.

In conclusion, Google photos is loved by lots of users due to their free storage capacity. However, Google recently announced that it would be limiting the application to free 15GB storage. And users would be required to pay an additional fee if they need more storage space. Compressed photos on this application can still take up to 1-4Mb. Therefore users can still store lots of pictures up to 500. On the free storage space given to most users.