Google doodle is a unique way of slightly changing what the real logo of Google should look like. When this is done its intention is to celebrate notable people in history, events, national holidays, achievements, artists, scientists etc. the first doodle to be made was in 1998 which was done to honour the annual edition of long-running man which was called the burning man. A team of doodlers (people who make doodles) are usually assigned to come up with a Google doodle.

In recent times most doodles made are animated and hyperlinked for you to click on and know what is being celebrated. The first animated doodle was made to Sir Isaac Newton in 2010. Since its inception doodlers have created over 4000 google doodles. Some doodles are made relevant to some specific countries which give global visibility. Sometimes when these doodles are made, they include games in the animation to make it fun when learning what the doodle is about.

Google Doodle Games

These are games made for Google doodles to help pass away time. They are made from what the Google doodle is celebrating. They are most times archived so that you still have access to play the game in your free time. Some of the popular Google doodle games made are:

  • Pac-man
  • Quick draw
  • Scoville games
  • Baseball
  • Basket ball
  • Halloween
  • Garden gnome
  • Coding rabbit
  • Cricket
  • Rubik cubes

How doodlers decide on who to honour

Over time a set of doodlers come together to decide and choose who to honour with the Google doodle. They then make animation and games out of it. When you click on the Google doodle you get to access the information, pictures, videos attached to the person, place and event being celebrated. Though sometimes they do receive backlash on who they celebrate and give local or global visibility with their doodle. The choice is entirely left to a team of expert doodlers to make.

Google Doodle Competition

The parent company Google often organizes competitions for intending doodlers. Here they are given entry forms to be filled with the assistance of their parents or teachers. The competition is always open for students from k-3 to grade 12. They are given the opportunity to showcase their works and skills based on a given theme. They are also encouraged to source for the material they intend using from crayon to clay also write a brief description of what they have done and what their works represent for them.

Their work is meant to be submitted alongside their entry form either as jpg or png. Them a group of expert doodlers who acts as judges are called upon to analyze and carefully choose out winners they will be judged in artistic merit, creativity and theme communication, winners would be announced and given their dues in terms of prizes.

Google doodles app

To create doodle images, sounds and applications we have some applications to make the work easy to do. They are available on iOS and Android platforms also free to use. You don’t even need to be tech-savvy to enable you to make some basic designs, such as:

  • Paper
  • Bamboo Paper
  • Sketchbook Express
  • Picasso
  • Graffiti Spray Can
  • Penultimate

Google doodles are fun, surprising, innovative changes that are made to the Google logo to celebrate birthdays, historical events, national holidays, famous artists and scientists. The doodles are made in form of logos, animations and even video games that can be accessed on the web anytime. It’s a huge honour and privilege to be featured on the platform.