Ever needed to get your documents on the go, without having to carry your computer around? Google doc helps answer that need. It is a web-based document-creating platform. It allows users to create documents, edit, and also spreadsheets on the go.

Google Doc - How to create | Functions | 15th Anniversary

Today October 10th, 2021 marks the fifteen years of its release. It can be accessed on most devices like android, iOS, windows, blackberry, etc. Google doc also popularly known as the “g doc” can be accessed anywhere online. You can even share documents with friends and family. And might give them access to edit.

Is Google doc free?

Since this doc is an online word processing platform. It is easy to use and access just by being connected to the web. With active internet access, you are free to use this web based document.

How to create a Google doc

The need to create this online-based doc must arise, hence we need to know how to get started. It is important to have a device connected to the internet, be it a phone, tablet, or laptop.


  • Go to chrome browser
  • On your top left-hand side of the screen
  • Tap on App and then google doc
  • Or you could simply type “doc.google.com” on your web browser


  • Head over to play store
  • Find “google doc app”
  • Tap on install
  • Or you could simply type “doc.google.com” on your web browser

iPhone and iPad

  • On your device
  • Head over to Appstore
  • Find “Google doc app”
  • Tap on install
  • Or you could simply type “doc.google.com” on your web browser

What can you do with Google doc?

With Google doc you can do lots of things. Some of which includes included below:

  • Create a document and edit document at any desired time. Or give access to other users to edit the documents.
  • Combine text with different formats like images, videos, formulas.
  • Can work on presentation software and can be printed directly
  • Real time editing at different location by multiple users
  • Automatic save features without having to click on save
  • No risk of losing files
  • Allows for voice typing and “UberConference” which lets you conduct an audio conference call right from the document.
  • You can find a word and also replace with another word and advanced image editing.
  • Insert todays date, dictionary, keyboard shortcut, table of content at the sidebar and add header and footer.

The future is Google doc

If you were to make a presentation some few years back. Bet you would have done it using Microsoft word. But guess what the Google doc even has more advanced features than the latter.

Now you can be called to make a presentation and even do a “UberConferencing” with this web-based document to have an audio meeting with your team. And even have real-time editing to that effect.

Over time Google keeps updating the different functions of the app so as to the limes ahead of its contemporaries. It is worthy to note that initially this web-based document only works with an active internet connection. But now Google now has an offline version that can be downloaded on your device and synced with an active internet connection comes up.

In conclusion, one of the many amazing features of google do is that it helps to save your document as you are typing provided you are connected to the web. So, you don’t need to constantly click on save every now and then. It has an autosave feature that is used to this effect. So, getting to use this Google doc is such a great deal.