GB WhatsApp is a third-party created software that helps users to have some extra features that WhatsApp does not normally have. This app has no connection whatsoever with WhatsApp. This application seeks to validate the users on some extra additional features. That is not present on the WhatsApp platform that users have clamored for in time past. This is simply the advanced cloning of WhatsApp. Using this application is of great advantage and could lead to the extra cost of data and privacy of the user being accessed.

As much as the thrills and excitement of using the semblance version of what WhatsApp gives to the users. You pose the risk of permanent blocking from the original WhatsApp platform. Since Whatsapp has severally disassociated itself from GB WhatsApp and everything it stands for. Even some of the websites download GB WhatsApp from many content malware and viruses. GB WhatsApp has now been updated and can be used across Android and iOS platforms.

What makes GB WhatsApp Appealing

This basically provides a WhatsApp-like experience that provides users with even dual accounts on the same device. This helps us to realize all that can be done on the application.

  • It allows users to hide read receipt of some contacts
  • A better auto-reply function
  • The use of dual account on the same device with gb whatsapp
  • Allows one to send images with high resolutions
  • Permit for longer group name characters of up to 35 letters
  • Ability to view contacts stories without the contact seeing your name on their viewed list
  • Longer broadcast contact list of 600 as against 250.
  • Ability to view deleted messages.
  • Allows you to view your contacts story after the usual 24 hours.
  • Option to hide last seen from some or all contact
  • Increased pin chat limits of up to 30.
  • Forward messages to people without the forwarding tag.

How to download GB WhatsApp on android

How to download GB WhatsApp on an android device is pretty easy. It does not require one to be tech-savvy. Simply head over to the play store on your android device and get started.

  • Tap on playstore on your device
  • Search for “GB Whatsapp”
  • After opening simple tap on the “download button”
  • Allow it to take a few minute to install
  • Your application is ready to use

How to download GB WhatsApp on iOS

There are several methods to install GB WhatsApp on your iOS device without having to jailbreak. The process seems slightly different as opposed to the usual AppStore download.

  • Type “tweakboxapp” on your safari browser
  • Tap on install
  • It will ask you for permission to access some settings, simply allow
  • Then complete your installation
  • As soon as this is done, Goto ‘apps’ on your ‘tweaked app’
  • Search for “Whatsapp++” and install
  • Once complete you can begin to enjoy the app (Whatsapp++ is ver similar to GB WhatsApp)

How safe is this application

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is that the application is used at owners’ risk because they have access to your data and you risk security policy breach. However, the company assures its users of a high-security policy but there is no guarantee when you use this unofficial application.

In conclusion, the use of GB WhatsApp cannot be overemphasized though some disadvantage of it includes not being able to back up your data on Google drive and it might works slower than the original application. But all in all, it is a great application that users are definitely going to enjoy using for a long time. As it gives you additional features that the WhatsApp application does not give. And you can even log in to more than one account on the application.