Freelance Jobs can really help no matter who you are or what you do. There are lots of Websites to Get Freelance jobs from, whether you’re looking for a well-paid, or just for the passion, or to just to get freelance work on the side that can help your savings or pay the bills and other things, then this very article is for you.

Regardless of it’s more bills than usual coming down the pike, your boss getting progressively worse, or if you’re just tired of a full-time gig, well I got your back with this blog post. Very often than normal you will hear talks like “it takes time to build up a freelancing career”. You need to invest in yourself, whether it be classes, software, or even branding. All of these might actually be a fact but you really have to start from somewhere.

Check out my list for the best freelance jobs websites, in order of my personal preference:

  • Fiverr : Best Freelance Job Websites Fiverr 

Fiverr is named after the design and scope of the website: All jobs on Fiverr start at $5. Yes, that might sound all small, but you can get as high as a thousand above the base $5 option, This really adds up fast and you sell your skills! It’s also a great way to get started and build up your portfolio.

  • Upwork.

Best Freelance Job Websites Upwork

Upwork was formed by the merging of two huge freelance companies namely Odesk and Elance, they have since created a huge marketplace for people to show talents and skills and get paid in return. The website boast over 12 million freelancers and about 5 million clients listing upwards of a whopping  4 million freelance jobs each year.

No matter what you do your niche is surely, but note: Upwork takes a 20% cut until you build up a regular relationship with a client. It’s friendly for beginners, but you have to be prepared to take lower-priced freelance jobs through the site due to its multi-niche.

  • FlexJobs.

    Best Freelance Job Websites FlexJobs

This website is really organized a very well-curated for not only freelance jobs, but it also renders remote jobs and other flexible gigs. The website is sorted by your choice or niche of work, it has whole good security and you won’t be worried about scam posting, they do lots of work and research thoroughly new user/gigs. Well, I need to point out to you that this website is not free though.

  • SolidGigs.

Best Freelance Jobs Websites SolidGigs

In freelancing, time is all that matters because time is money. You might actually miss out on revenue if you spend hours every week hunting for new freelance jobs instead of doing billable client work. This is the sole reason why I will recommend SolidGigs to freelancers of all kinds who want to find freelance jobs fast.

The SolidGigs team check through thousands of freelance jobs listed and they send you the very best 2% of freelance gigs from around the web every single week (isn’t that awesome) —removing the time-consuming work of searching through dozens of freelance jobs on the site and vetting them yourself.

  • CloudPeeps.

Best Freelance Job Websites CloudPeeps

Cloudpeeps is for people with a high portfolio and with experience to start at a higher level, CloudPeeps may be for you. They’re a bit more exclusive, which makes it very hard to join but very easy to get jobs on the brighter side. They have a niche and its SEM Social media and general copywriting.

  • Indeed.

Best Freelance Job Websites Indeed

Indeed always collects all the jobs from the interwebs and puts them all in one place. They’re easy to search through, and looking specifically for remote jobs is also quite easy. If you’re open to working at a local company, you can search for that too. Best of all, it’s free!

  • College Recruiter.

Best Freelance Job Websites College Recruiter

Are you a student or have you recently graduated? Then you should be browsing this site to see what kind of part-time freelance jobs pop up within your degree. These are good for the beginner, these jobs will give you the needed experience and, hopefully, contacts for future work.

  • Freelancer.

Best Freelance Job Websites Freelancer

Freelancer has a huge and plenty of jobs to pick from, some are times as hourly and some as contests – the only hard part is that they only give 8 free applications before you have to pay the membership fee. The project fee is also a little different –You have to pay between $3-5 or 3-5%, whichever is greater and this is one of the cheapest if not the cheapest.

  • Guru.

Best Freelance Job Websites Guru

Creating a profile is very easy on Guru you can show off your experience, making it easier to be contacted by potential employers who might buy your gigs, you can also view the various amount of jobs made every day. Guru gives a decent amount of free applications unlike other websites though, rationed by the year, and charge about 9% commission.

  • ServiceScape.

Best Freelance Jobs Websites ServiceScape

It started in the year 2000, this website is a global marketplace for any serious freelance with a wide range of skills and a handful of experience. They have a special interest in graphics design, writing, editing, and translating. From 2000 they have had over 284,000 jobs completed with more than 85,000 registered clients that use the website for all their jobs.

  • Craigslist.

Best Freelance Job Websites Craigslist

It might be all untidy but Craigslist has been here for a while and is worth a mention too, Selling might be a thing here but Craigslist also boasts of a freelancing platform. On the downside here, everyone is liable to who they deal with as you can’t hold them responsible for the client’s behaviors.

But most people posting are looking for work done as quickly as possible. If you want to look through remote-jobs, here’s a tweak:  you can go to Craigslist for major cities and search for the corresponding works.


Best Freelance Job Websites Contena

Looking for the best writing freelance job well look no further Contena is for you. I bet you want to ask why? Well, it is because of the volume of well-paid and high-quality jobs they always have available for writers, editors, and content creators of any kind. The great thing about Contena is that they feature both freelance jobs and full-time jobs on their website.

Freelance Writing Gigs.

Best Freelance Job Websites Freelance Writing Gigs 

The name might not show any form of creativity, but it gets the information across. This website is well designed and jobs are updated from Monday – Friday with the hottest new jobs and gigs that will bring home some bucks.

Blogging Pro.

Best Freelance Job Websites  blogging Pro

You have a website and writing is one of the challenging things for you or you want to just write and get paid for it well this website is for you. Everything you want is on this site from tasks like helping people start blogging to editing to general copywriting jobs are here.

They aggregate all the best writing jobs for you, to find and search through on their platform. Also, it’s totally free. I see you opening the website already.

Journalism Jobs.

Best Freelance Job Websites Journalism Jobs

Check out this job site that curates journalism jobs from around the web – along with other typical writing and editing gigs thrown in.


Best Freelance  Job  websites  Airtasker

Needed to Come back to this article to edit and add Airstaker to this marvelous list, you see the best person for the job is not always who you think. Hence why you need to go to airstaker to find who is right for what job. The website is easy to navigate through. You can be a tasker by posting tasks. On Airtasker you can earn as much as $5000  a month, not just that you are boss. I will encourage you to try the website too.

In conclusion whatever our motive is for looking for freelance jobs. We can achieve it provided we have the right attitude to work. You can work multiple jobs at the same time. And get very often the hiring process in freelancing is very fast. Provided you provide your customers with lasting satisfaction.