Not your regular good old face mask? Fitbit for face mask in unique. It is different from other types of facemasks for lots of reasons. Since the surge of corona virus. Lots of high-tech company have research on ways we can reduce the spread.

Not just by social distancing. But also by using technology to our own advantage. In lieu of this the Fitbit for face mask was made to turn to a monitoring device.

Now this sounds great right?

Whoever has the device on his facemask on is definitely in charge and can tell basic information about themselves. Well, it helps one to monitor our health. More specifically heartbeat through one’s face.

Awesome, isn’t it?

The fitbit for face mask (Facebeat)is a device made that would be inserted into one’s facemask. It was made by a team of seasoned engineer at Northwestern University. It is an ultra-smart sensor device.

The good part is that one can attach it the regular facemask. However most preferrable the N95 is best for this.

Features of Fitbit for Face Mask

  • An ultra smart sensor device
  • Seemlessly helps you to tell your heartbeat
  • Convenient and doesn’t cause discomfort.
  • Makes use of magnet which easily attaches to N95 facemask or others.
  • All desired information is transmitted wirelessly into the app
  • The facebeat smartphone app has a dashboard to help keep track with one’s health.
  • You also get to know if you have leak on your facemask
  • It helps to predict fatigue and emotional state
  • The facebeat is powered by a small battery

Facebeat is Not for All

Now there is a slight fitness check that has to be done. This check is done on people who intend to use the facebeat. Just to be sure it fits properly to the face.

And there are no leakage at the side of the facemask. So as to be able to utilize its full function.

In conclusion Fitbit for face mask is a great device amd innovation. Easy and convenient to wear since it would be attached to the facemask.

It helps one to keep track of one’s health, heartbeat and breathing pattern. It sends its readings to the app on your smartphone. Where you get to see all necessary results.