How do I access Facebook Payment or how do I create a payment account for Facebook? The Facebook payment services, are a simple process once users already have an existing Facebook account. In order to have your Facebook pay account set-up, however.

Users need to read and consider carefully the fundamental reality of paying for Facebook and also how the services operate. What’s Paying for Facebook? These services were specially developed and a customized mechanism planned as well.

To make online cash transactions fast and quick for consumers. In addition, it was also confirmed that users are unable to access resources online outside of Facebook or the App. In the meantime, users are given access to Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp to use the app.

As far as our results are concerned, we find that Facebook is now engaged in commercial activities. Users can then make online payments and pass to the opponent in an easy, open and safer way. In addition, Facebook Pay is recorded as a huge innovation for Facebook in quickly sending money online.

Facebook Pay Interface - On phone screen

In the meantime, users can use the special features of Facebook to split bills with friends or or be used as a service to order items online.

How Does the Facebook Pay Features Works?

Which is why, the features of Facebook Pay are not a standalone app. But right on the Facebook site and messenger app, a running feature. In the meantime, users can make use of the services through their official website or the mobile app on Facebook.

How does the Facebook Payment Work?

However, once users are able to sign up and have selected a payment option as well. The aim of the online payment app can then be used by users. Either to pay friends, business partners, or to buy online money exchange products. With a recipient from {Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and whatsapp} as they are all product from Facebook

How to Set Up Facebook Pay on Facebook

Once you are able to read this material carefully, this will be a simple process for you. However, if you don’t have any, you need to create a Facebook account. Then it’s simple for users to conduct a Facebook payment set up in the nearest future directly inside other applications such as Instagram and WhatsApp.

After the account has been generated from your Facebook Newsfeed. Then, tap the option on the menu, next click on the “Settings” then “Facebook Pay” and add your optional payment methods. It’s either by credit card, debit card, or PayPal. Next, complete the on-screen payment setup instruction. To add an extra layer of security, kindly tap on the top options of creating a PIN. Or activating your devices information before the payment is begin made.