Facebook mentions app is here to get you going. Are you a known celebrity? Or do you know one? Is the celebrity a Facebook-savvy celeb? Do you want to reach out to your fans? If yes… then let’s go ahead. Let me show you how to reach out to your fans with this app.

This app is currently only available to verified public figures. To gain access to Mentions, you can visit Facebook Mention First, let’s understand what Facebook Mention is.

Facebook Mention – Definition 

Well, Facebook Mentions is an app for celebrities to reach out to their fans and followers through Facebook. Simple? Allow me to explain better.

Facebook Mentions is a Facebook app on the iOS App Store that’s only available to famous people on the social network. This iOS app was previously restricted to the super-famous but is now available to all verified users. 

Facebook Mentions is a platform meant for interacting with page followers, rather than friends. Just like the normal Facebook app, there’s a Newsfeed view that shows updates from pages and other verified people you follow. However, the meat of the app is in how it handles talking with people that aren’t your friends.

What to do on Facebook Mention?

This app is “only available to verified public figures”, so you’ll only be able to use it if you’re a big shot actor, singer, athlete, or similar well-known figure. Well, if you are, then you’ll find the app useful.

Here are some few things you can do with Facebook Mention app

  • You can always check what fans are saying about you
  • You can share updates and media
  • You can even host live Q&A sessions from your phone.
  • Stay in the Loop – Get posts from the people you follow and see trending stories in one place. 
  • You can go Live – Tell your story as it happens with live video.
  • First, when you sign in for the first time. Facebook Mentions usually guides you toward following other famous people and brands so your timeline isn’t empty. 

Features of Facebook Mention App

  • Notifications 

This feature does what you’d expect, which includes friends if you’re using it as a verified profile, which I’m guessing most famous people aren’t doing — they would rather maintain a separate profile for their smaller friend groups.

  • The post button 

The post button also offers a number of interesting options. There are status, photos and videos just like the normal Facebook app, but a live video and Q&A format.

  • Question And Answer 

This feature does exactly what it says on the box. Celebrities can ask fans to send in questions and Facebook sorts them into a nice reply and answer format, with a special sorting option to wade through the top questions later on.

  • Live video 

This is the most interesting part of the app and probably most sought after. Stars can jump on a live stream with everyone that follows them within a few seconds and their fans are notified that you’re broadcasting.

Live video on Facebook Mention is pretty fun and similar to Periscope. Fans can always interact and comment, which is shown at the bottom of the screen. And at the end of the live video, you get a summary of how the stream performed and the comments remain on as comments on the video post itself.

Let’s discuss about the Pros and Con(s)


  • It is easy to use
  • It also allows for live Q&A sessions
  • It lets celebrities track what fans are saying


You may and can only use it if you’re famous!

Note that Facebook Mention App is available for both iOS and Android users.

How to get your account verified to use Facebook Mention app?

  • First, verification badges let your page visitors know that your page is authentic. However, the blue verification badges are for public figures, celebrities, and brands, while the grey verification badges are for businesses and companies.
  • As a celebrity, you can verify your page in two ways;
  • With a phone number and with a document.
  • Verifying with a Phone number
  • First, go to page settings
  • Next, go to page verification. From there, click edit
  • Next step, Click Verify this page
  • Then, you may now provide your phone number and tap “call me now”
  • Facebook will call you and then onto the last step
  • You can now enter the code to verify your account
  • Verifying with a document
  • Go to Settings, click verify with document instead
  • Next, upload the document
  • Finally, wait for a response.


Facebook Mention app is a better way for actors, musicians, journalists and other influencers to stay in touch not just with their followers but the people and things they care about on Facebook.

Let’s also not forget that Facebook Mentions is an app for famous people who need to manage an influx of fans. Well, it looks like most people will probably never get to use it. But hey, it’s fun to take a peek at how the other half lives. So, if you’re a star with an iPhone, Facebook Mentions is a must-have app.