We all agree that Facebook is the most famous social media network. Now, besides being socially interactive, one thing that brings joys of life from Facebook is the videos uploaded on Facebook. Funny, motivational or reality videos or any video that goes viral on Facebook can change the mood of a person. In this article, you will learn how to download videos from Facebook lite without hassle.

Facebook Lite Video Downloading

Imagine feeling sad, any funny or entertainment video can make you happy, while many videos on Facebook are also uploaded for making people aware of the realities and natural events happening around the world or to motivate you as in the case of motivational videos. 

In this article, we will be showing Facebook users how to download or save the video they watch on Facebook Lite to their Gallery without using any third-party apps. By reading this article, you will be able to directly download videos you watch on Facebook Lite to your gallery.

Why download Facebook Lite videos?

Have you ever wanted to download a Facebook video, but couldn’t figure out how? What are your reasons for downloading videos on Facebook Lite? There are millions of reasons why we want to download Facebook videos. I can think of the common ones though. Well, it’s not that hard.

That being said, there are times when we have to wish to download or save a video to a particular device. Maybe, we like the video so much or save it for watching offline, either way, downloading a Facebook lite video to your gallery has a bit of procedure. With over 2.23 billion active users, Facebook has become a part and parcel of our lives. Apart from just being a platform to connect with friends and family, it is also a source of knowledge, business, and entertainment too. 

Whether you want to make a new cuisine, make snacks, cook delicacies, or learn how to do yoga, Facebook gives you videos for everything. Though, Facebook doesn’t let users save videos to the gallery. Facebook users always struggle to save Facebook videos on their phones, which is why, today, I am going to explain how to save Facebook lite videos to the phone gallery. 

There are two ways, to download videos from Facebook Lite to the gallery. I am going to be explaining both. Awesome, right?

The Ex-File Explorer 

Usually, on Lite, Facebook shows the size (in megabytes) of the video you are about to watch before you click on it as shown in the picture above. Now, pay attention to the megabyte because you are going to need it if you are going to get it right. Now, let’s keep going.

Please note that downloading Facebook lite videos to your gallery will also require you to download an app from the Play store.


You open the Play Store on your android phone and search the ES File Explorer app. It is a file manager that allows you to manage and see internal folders. You need to download this app on your phone.


After successfully downloading the ES file explorer app. You may now go to your Facebook lite and open the video to be saved if the video is public then tap the”<” button beside the name of the uploader. You will see the option bar, tap on the “save- video name” option.


The video will be saved in your Facebook profile logs. You can now go to the newsfeed timeline and open the Save tab. Be rest assured that your video will appear here.


The next step is to tap on the video, you will get different options to open your video. Now, tap on “use a different app” and then tap on the “ES Downloader” option. By doing so, the video will immediately start downloading to your phone.


After a few minutes, the video will be downloaded to your phone and will appear in the video option of the gallery.

Quite simple right? Let’s move to our other option


This is an Android application developed to offer unlimited entertainment to users. Using this android application, you can open your Facebook and download as many videos as you want. 

Now, to use Snaptube to download videos from Facebook lite, you need to follow these simple steps:

How to download videos from Facebook lite to gallery using Snaptube

First, you need to download the Snaptube application from the official website or simply download it from your play store.

Next, tap the Snaptube icon on your phone, and then find the Facebook icon on the homepage itself. Simply tap on it and sign in to your Facebook account.

The next step is downloading videos. All you need do is find the download button just below the videos and tap it. However, the app gives you an option to download videos to either MP3 or MP4 format sizes. Just pick your download option and download your file. 

So simple, right?


You can start downloading those favorite videos of yours right now. All you need is to follow the simple steps above. And with the right application on your phone. You get all your desired video from Facebook lite to your device.