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facebook lite download 9apps


Facebook has been rated as one of the most social media which have been ranked first in the list of the famous social media application and the site is very much available for the users. The app is the only app that has been

used by billions of people and the popularity of Facebook increases day by day. The best part is that 80% of the world’s population uses Facebook and have Facebook accounts.

The Facebook app gives different benefits like making friends, find your lost relatives or family or friends on the site. It also allows you to download or upload photos and videos which have been selected by you. Several privacy options are also available on the site and there is no chance of having insecurity at all. We all have a Facebook account and we all very much concerned about Facebook, we post and connect ourselves with so many other people.FACEBOOK FOR ANDROID ALL YOU MUST KNOW

This Facebook Lite utilizes less storage on your phone. The app is very lightweight in size, all you need do is to just tap download and you can download in just a couple of seconds, you can update your status and photos faster and also see updates from friends. The Facebook Lite is designed for 2G networks, so, you can use it where 3G or 4G is not available and it is very fast compared to other Facebook Applications.

Everything about Facebook Lite is more or less where you’d expect it to be, the feed, notifications, requests, messages button are on the top, other sections like Friends, Groups, and Photos can be found in the Menu tab. The Facebook Lite continues to keep you updated, new stories are highlighted while you view the news feed and the application is designed the same blue from Facebook, it may not look like Messenger but it definitely has all the features. Facebook Lite is very clean, and so easy to use and very similar to Facebook Messenger but still more friendly and easy to use. You should also be aware that this application is less than 1MB which means so quick to download and doesn’t require much storage space.


To download Facebook Lite from 9apps is a very simple one. Let’s walk through it together, keep reading.

If till now, you are still not having the Facebook app on your device and you want to have the app, then I have got the perfect solution for you. First, you need to download 9apps, from there you can have all the apps which you love. 9app is a very popular application that has a lot of apps and games and many more. 9apps will offer you a Facebook application that is very small and in a convenient size. Downloading Facebook Lite from 9apps means not having any storage problem as each and every app which has been given by 9apps is very small in size and definitely going to have any problem. You can get so many apps which you like and so many social media are also present here.

Steps to downloading and installing 9Apps

You have to know how to download 9Apps so you can download Facebook Lite, here are the steps to achieving that.

First, you have to go to the official 9Apps to download this application.

Then, tap the mobile setting and go to Security, tick on allowing app install from unknown sources.

Then, go to download the location of the app

Tap install

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Then allow accessing mobile setting

Then you finally tap to finish the installation.

That’s it…. You are ready to use the 9app store to download the latest mobile software and games.

So, in conclusion…. Download the 9app, then download the Facebook Lite and enjoy your Facebook Lite.

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