Social networking and social media have grown exponentially in a very short period of time. We have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp and many more but Facebook has proved to be one of the most successful. Installing the Facebook iPhone app means being away from your computer and yet not falling out of touch with your contacts. The app has this easy to use interface that can be used in both portrait and landscape mode, and also provides access to all of the key features of the Facebook website including status update, photo updates, event notifications, chats and many more.

The news feed is exactly the same as the one displayed on the original Facebook website, so you get to keep up to date with what all of your contacts are up to. And when it comes to working with photos, you can upload immediately from your phone directly and stay in total control of your photo albums. It is also possible to build up a list of favorites for ease of use, they are usually shortcuts to your most frequently accessed pages or contacts, also a search function is also on hand to help further.

It also has a built-in web browser that makes it possible for the user to visit any links that are posted without the need to separately launch Safari and also notifications that gets you instantly informed of the latest happening. This is definitely a must for a social networker. 

Getting the updated universal app brings even proper iPad support as well as improved navigation. You can even flip through the photo album to view games and photos as they can be viewed in full screen, it only takes nothing more than a swipe.

The app has a well-organized UI even though it has so many features, The Facebook app as we know is far from cluttered, with all the videos, feed, events and news that are neatly displayed on separate tabs.

Keeping up with your friends and loved ones is very possible with Facebook for iPhone. Immediately you sign it, Facebook for iPhone pulls in all your Facebook data, turning your phone into a miniature Facebook feed. You follow posts, like comments, share updates and more as you would on the desktop version.

Facebook Live lets you share a live video stream with your friends, followers, and groups or even share from events. When you are streaming live, you can view viewer comments and respond and follow the broadcast, then the recorded stream will appear in your feed.

Discovering items for sale in your area is possible on Facebook’s Marketplace. You can browse available offerings or search by category. All you have to do is to tap an item to see a description, view the general location of the seller, send a message, and make an offer and you can also sell items. Wonderful right?

And with just a few clicks, you can search, manage and create groups and pages.

This facebook for iPhones also enables you to select your audience. Tap the “TO” option with your post to either make your post public, visible to friends only and invincible to certain people. Hit the privacy option to control who finds you on Facebook, and who can also contact you.

Bottom line, Facebook for iPhone is a very important app for heavy Facebook users. You should read the app data use policy, terms and other important information in the legal section of the app store description. Facebook will not run GPS in the background unless you give permission by turning on optional features that require this and continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

So, I’m happy that you enjoy this article, so if you feel we didn’t add enough, just let us know in the comment section.

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