A Facebook business manager account is where we operate literally everything. All this has to do with our account which goes with the Facebook business page, Instagram account, and everything that starts from having a business manager account. So if you don’t have a business manager account visit business.facebook.com.

You can scroll down the page to familiarize yourself with the page and see how it works. Since we all know that a Facebook business page allows us to interact more with customers. It also increases brand awareness and generates sales on Facebook. It is mostly ideal for brands, companies, and organizations.

What Is Facebook Business Page

This is essentially a place where you manage everything ads, advise that if you running ads either on Facebook or Instagram you should have your Instagram and Facebook yourself. Login with your Facebook account Input your Facebook account details and follow all the instructions to create your Facebook account.

Difference between Facebook page and Facebook account

I know you might be asking what’s the difference between a Facebook page and Facebook account. It’s quite simple Facebook account is the account you open for yourself to keep up with family and friends. A page on the other hand is basically for branding, say a celebrity a brand, or even a company.

Benefits of Facebook Business page

  • With a Facebook business page, you can run ads.
  • But without a Facebook business page, you won’t be able to run Facebook ads.
  • It affords you to educate your customers more on your products and services.
  • Upload videos and images of your product and services.
  • You can go on Facebook live to interact with your customers.

How to Open a Facebook page

Visit www.facebook.com/pages, ensure your Facebook account is logged in so you can easily navigate.

Go To Create New Page

  • If you already have a page you will see every one of the pages on the right sidebar.
  • Click on the create page on the blue tiny header as shown in the picture above.
  • It will take you to the next page where you choose what kind of page are you interested in opening
  • Click on get started, put in the name of your page so you can name it.
  • Take for instance I want to open a cosmetics page. I will name my cosmetics page Faiza’s Cosmetics.
  • Select from the drop-down category the one that best explains your brand.
  • For my page Beauty, Cosmetics & personal care will do.
  • Next is to type your street address city and country and of course postal code.
  • Make sure you put in the shop address if you have a physical address.
  • You don’t have a physical address and you have just typed your home address?
  • I will advise you to mark on Don’t show my address only show the town and city that this is then press continue you are not done yet.
  • Once you are done with that you will need to upload your banner, page, and other instructions.

Creating A username for Facebook Business Page

Go to about on your page click on the username and under it click on edit. Make sure the new name is your page name so people can search for you on Facebook using the name.

How To connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page.

Go to settings and scroll down on the left sidebar then click on Instagram.

Click on connect it will take you to a new page where you log in to the Instagram platforms

How To Assign Page Roles Facebook Business Page

You can assign a new page role from an Admin, Editor, Moderator, Advertiser, Analyst, and Custom ( Whoever you are adding must be your friend). So as to be sure of what they would be doing on that page.

How To Moderate Comments – Facebook Business Page

When advertising on Facebook lots of people make derogatory comments and very bad comments sometimes. You don’t want to lose potential customers because of bad comments. Hence the need to moderate comments. The easy way to do that is to click on ”General” click on page moderation.

You then add all of these bad words as a CSV or excel then upload it. Easily just type them in. You can also use Facebook profanity if you want everything filtered you can set it to strong to make sure nobody is making bad comments about your page.

In conclusion, you stand a lot to gain when you create a Facebook business page. Your business looks more formal and even customers trust you better. Thereby increasing your brand awareness. You can make your page invisible by unpublishing it. If you decide not to continue with the page again.