Facebook boasts of 3 billion daily active users — This cut across age and work, from students to companies. And while it’s a big platform, advertising can seem pretty hard most times. We already tried the following processes: six of the best Facebook Ads Best Practices and why we should use them.

For brands, dropping your posts on Facebook alone does not do the trick anymore, especially for the business infants. However, you can decide to throw your money at your efforts to drive traffic to your Facebook Page and drive them to your website, but that will only yield an outcome if you are smart with it.
The best way and the only way to get the best out of your Facebook ads Strategy is to create Facebook optimized Ads, It’s the only way I will advise. These ads are targeted at the right audience; this way, you will spend wisely on Ads and won’t harm your PPC budget.

Before Diving Into It, Does Facebook Ads Work?

Facebook ads are the best. No social media come anywhere close to why the ads are so effective because of the amount of audience targeted. The insights, the analytics, the targeting, and the numbers of users on the platform. These and many more are the advantages, and a great strategy is why Facebook ads are gold for all types of businesses

Target a specific Audience

The quality of the audience far is more critical than size; I know you want to ask why at this point. The reason is with Facebook advertising, engagement, and conversions are the goal. Try to outsmart the algorithm, and set to a broad audience who won’t be interested in your Ads This will only give you a bad data score and a lousy relevance score.

The advantage is the capability of targeting on Facebook is way more robust than every other platform. These include demographics, behavior, interest, and location. With these, you can get more specific and precise on who you want to see your Ads. For example, it’s interesting to get a target audience like “women between ages 25 and 45” you can get more specific by going even farther by trying “women between ages 25 and 45 who like reading and whose favorite author is John Terry.” By getting very precise, you will end up excluding Audiencewho are not in your target market, showing Ads to people who will likely lead to conversion

It has to be relevant to the Audience.

To have a high success rate while advertising on Facebook, RELEVANCE has to be very important to you. It would help if you had at the back of your mind that you are spending money whenever someone interacts with your Ads (views or clicks on your ad) depending on how you set your Ads. Showing ads irrelevant to your targeted audience is a total waste of time and money. Please don’t do it.

Track to2015 Facebook launched a feature that will go a long way to help advertisers. This feature works exactly like Ad Rank. It allows the Facebook advertising platform to rate your ads and gives you a relevance score. Therefore, the more relevant your ad image or ad copy and destination page is to your targeted audience, the higher your score is — and definitely the more favorably Facebook will treat your Ads.

This is another thing to note, Visual content is KEY.

Written content is useful to no doubt, but they don’t come any close to Visual content. Visual contents are easy to remember and are more likely to be shared than written content. Facebook marketers must take this as a point of call for all, No matter what you do or what type of ad you create. Your Ads must be visually appealing use the best of your image.

The visuals and copy are closely aligned.

Let’s say example, and you’re running an ad for astrological jewelry. Your target audience should be people who like astrology and are likely to celebrate their birthday soon.

A way you could do is use the term “buy a wristwatch with your astrology sign” copy paired with an image/video of all the watch available.

I know you want to go more direct or closer, another way for audiences whose birthdays are coming up. Creating a more specific ad targeted at the astrological sign should be (e.g., “All you Libras celebrating soon will love this” paired with a video of a particular Libra product).

The targeted Audiences will engage and could bring more conversion when the visuals and copy align in a relevant way. Ads will also perform higher because of the high relevance score.

It includes an enticing proposition of value.

A value proposition informs the reader why he/she should click on your ad and learn more about your product. However, the kind of question that will be going through the audience’s mind will be, is your product or service different from any other? Why should the viewer click on your ad to see your website?

Saying things like ‘”buy the greatest sandwiches in the world from us “will not make people interact with your Ads. It might even harm it. How about offering 15% off the price when they click on the Ads. Or, perhaps adding social proof will help — something like, “Sandwiches loved by over five million people annually! Try Us today and get 15% off your order with this coupon”.

It has a simple call to action.

Your Ads can be beautiful, relevant, and significant, but without a call-to-action (CTA), your audience might be confused about what to do next. Ensure to add a perfect CTA like “Buy now and save Y%,” or “Limited Offer” these will add a sense of urgency to your audience. Make sure your CTA sounds urgent and make your audience want to click right away.