With the new age in technology and digital revolution, digital signature is now more important more than ever. Furthermore, it is required for personal, business and private purposes. You might need to collaborate with multiple parties and also document verification through eSignature.

It doesnt require physical presence rather it can be done anywhere and anytime. There are some signing softwares available that could make the process less stressful for the user.

Why Digital Signature?

The need for digital signature need to be known. As earlier discussed it can be used for public, private and business purposes. Some are as follows:

  • In business vendors and customers can sign to affirm important documents.
  • It drives safety and legal validity.
  • It helps to identify and autheticate an inidividual.
  • It registers ones presence.

Adding Digital Signature to PDF with Adobe

To add your digtal signature to a pdf file with adobe one must follow the following steps which includes:

  • Select the needed file.
  • Proceed to click on the pdf file awaiting signature.
  • Once the file uploading is done, then proceed to complete the form sign in process.
  • Fillup the form fields and add your signature.
  • When done click on “next”.
  • The document can now be shared or downloaded for your use.

Uploading Photos of a Signature with Adobe PDF Signer

In a situation where you do not want to sign directly. You can easliy upload or attach picture of your signature to a given file.

  • Proceed to the sign icon and click on add signature.
  • Tap on the image tab and select image.
  • Tap on the apply button and upload the picture of your signature.

How to Create a Digital Signature

When must attcah a digital signature to a document it is for a professional use. This signature sort of provide an high level of encryption to enable the identity of the person secure.

  • Let’s say you have been asked to provide your signature. What do you do? Do not panic. Just follow the following steps.
  • Select the document to be sign from any device
  • Add people who need to sign the document.
  • Tap on “signature” and other fileds like name, phone number etc
  • Tap on “send”
  • The other person required to sign would have to login to DocuSign
  • Now select “new” sign a document and upload the document.
  • Go ahead to sign either by choosing froma pre-set template or draw on your own.

Digital Signature on Microsoft Word

We could also be required to apply our signature to a microsoft word document. Ensure you follow the following steps:

  • Move your cursor to the place where the signature is needed.
  • Go to insert and the text tab, then click on signature linea.
  • Type the information required like suggestes signer, title etc in the box.
  • Tick on “show time and date” or “add comments”

Top Digital Signature Software

You can decide to use some of the free tool found online for signing. However one really needs to be extract careful to avoid your data being compromised.

  • PDF AutoSigner
  • PandaDoc
  • E-Lock
  • instaSigner
  • SigningHub
  • Cygnature
  • DocuSign
  • RightSignature
  • SignEasy

In conclusion, siginig online is the new rave. It helps to authenticate a person presence on the document. Without having to be present physically.