Differences Between Active Now And The Green Light Facebook

I’m sure you remember when you first created your first Facebook account back then; sending messages among friends used to be a clunky and unpleasant experience. Sometimes you even think your friend is online and not responding to your chat, You should know the differences between active now and green light facebook first before those assumptions.

Statistics have shown that Facebook has a total of 2.07 billion monthly active users as of the third quarter of 2017.  Meanwhile, Facebook Messenger, on the other hand, had a total of 1.3 billion active users. Now, we have a little problem that so many people want answers to.

My boyfriend is online on Facebook and it reads Active now but he is not responding to my chat…. My friend’s Facebook messenger status is displaying the green light but she is not replying to messages…. My friend is online and her status is showing both Active now and the green dot… why is he not replying to any of my messages? Is he or she snubbing you? Are you sure he or she is online? What are the differences between ‘Active now’ and the ‘green light’?

Well, let’s begin…..

What is Active Now?

Active now on Facebook means that the person is online no matter what device he uses. We can also say that Active now on Facebook Messenger means that a particular person is currently using Facebook. You may be able to send him messages/her but you may not be able to call him using messenger or often you can call him/her but he/she may not respond to it. The reason behind that is only because the messaging app has remained open in the background, then it also shows that the person is active

Active Now Status

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Active Now Status shows you all your friends and contacts when you’re active or recently active on Facebook or Messenger. Also, you’ll see when your friends and contacts are active or recently active. 

What is the Green Light on Facebook?

Most Facebook users are aware of the green light or green dot, which they see next to their friend’s name. Most people automatically assume that their person is online when they see they see the green light. However, is it that simple?

If a person has a green light or dot next to their profile, it could mean that they are probably away from their device and haven’t switched off their Facebook browser or they could also be using another browser and might not be able to reply.

Usually, the green light appears even if you are not actively doing anything on Facebook. Facebook just considers a user’s status as active if the user hasn’t switch Facebook browser off.

Let’s move on to the differences.

Differences between Active Now and the Green Light on Facebook

Many Facebook users do not know the differences between Active now and the green light, and would probably feel lost when faced with a situation. Considering the misunderstandings that result because of the Active now and the green light, and the many interpretations of it. Let’s break it down.

Facebook Active Now with the Green Light

If your friend’s profile is showing active now, with a green light, it means that they are active. Meaning, the profile is actively using Facebook and is available on messenger. The active now with the green light means also that their Facebook chat is on and they could be either on Facebook at that very moment or probably left their app open or even a chat head. It also means that the person can receive or give a call to you using Facebook messenger.

To confirm if the person is still very active, just refresh the Messenger. And, if you still see Active Now without the green light, it means the person might have chat turned off.

Facebook Active Now without the Green Light

In another scenario, if your friend’s profile shows that they are active now, but without a green light, then this could mean that his/her profile has switched off their chat or you view your friend’s profile has switched off your chat. It could also mean that the person is left their Facebook open but his/her chat turned off.


The curiosity to know if someone is ignoring us had led us to ask difficult questions. It is not easy to know if someone is online on Facebook messenger at that very moment, was online, and the duration of their online activity. That is why understanding the difference between Active now and the Green dot is really important. 

Meanwhile, let’s not forget the following;

If the green light is on, and the action now is displayed on the screen, then the user is on Facebook, or they were a moment ago

Secondly, if the active now show is displayed but the green dot is turned off, then it means they have left the Facebook chat, and have left Facebook open

Thirdly, if your friend is using a phone messenger, and the green light appears next to the phone, then it means the person is texting live

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