Just like the name implies a CTO means Chief Technology Officer or Chief Technical Officer. For every company out there we have a CEO which stands for Chief Executive Officer who owns the company. The CTO is someone who is part of the top management team in a company. That handles and solves all issues that are related to the use of digital tools to solve a problem. A CTO makes sure he is involved in the initial choice of tools and computational framework of the organization. He is in charge of other IT (Information Technology) staff that work in the company for frequent use of digital tools.

It is of utmost importance for the CTO to keep abreast of the latest technological drift so as to incorporate them into the company for future advancements. The various roles of the CTO for different organizations slightly vary from one to another. He also takes out time to research what other companies are doing so as to make further refined research to improve on it or take out from it. You get paid a great deal and the career path is worthwhile.

How can you be a CTO

Now that you are clear with some of the roles of a CTO. You need to understand that it takes some years of professional ethics, levels, and qualification to get to that prestigious level.

You must have been a software engineer, project manager, system architect, data architect, data scientist, programmer, etc before getting to the position of a CTO. Also about fifteen to twenty years of experience working in the industry as an expert.

  • Pre-existing degree in computer science or information technology.
  • Having a degree in MBA is also a boost to ones final goal.
  • Further on in improvement in ones degree by advancing into getting a masters degree in computer science and technology.
  • Get more training in leadership roles and business strategies.
  • Be up to date with the latest digital tools.

Obligations of a CTO

To fully be recognized as the Chief Technical Officer of an organization, the following conditions must be met, or near completion of the requirements must be met.

  1. Should have been a foremost holder of a degree in computer science or information technology. Also additional certifications and qualifications would set you apart from the crowd.
  2. He makes sure the company’s data or information is safe and secured from potential threats and attackers.
  3. He is a good team player and ready to collaborate with other departments in the company for growth and possible expansions.
  4. He carefully takes out time to carry out detailed research for new digital tools and methods.
  5. Often time creates an avenue for teaching other staffs in the company the use of latest digital means and methods.
  6. Develop software’s and applications that is useful for the progress of the company.
  7. Help with repairs and maintenance of all computing devices.
  8. Ability to multi-task and delegate duties to other people.

Is a CEO higher than a CTO?

When it comes to the management level, the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) is the highest in a company. He directs the affairs generally of a company. The CTO is the one in charge of the technical affairs of the company. Anything relating to technology in the company, he handles it and makes sure he reports back to the CEO. So we would not be wrong in saying that a CEO is higher than a CTO.

What is the Average Salary of a CTO?

On the overall level of a company, the CTO earns well. He is among the top earners in a company. The CTO on average in the United States earns $225,450. He is also entitled to some extra benefits and cash compensation up to $50, 000. One must note that the above earnings differ in lots of factors. Factors like the size of the company, location of the company, kinds of the product being made etc. All these will determine how high or low the CTO will earn.

Where can a CTO work?

Research has shown that certain kinds of jobs are referred to as jobs of the future. Some of which include being a knowledgeable expert in the world of technology.

  1. Banking sector
  2. Education
  3. Sports institutions
  4. Government
  5. Legal duties
  6. Financial Co-operations
  7. Recreational centers
  8. Healthcare
  9. Entertainment
  10. Quality assurance

In general, it is a huge feat to attain the post of CTO. It doesn’t just come by easily; it must have been earned with multiple years of experience, certifications, and expertise in the digital world. They earn a great deal and it is that one position that thinks of how to use a digital tool to solve a problem. The position is highly sought after. And one that comes over the years as one advance in career growth.