Have you been wanting to know or to apply for the Citi Double Cash Card? In this article, we will be teaching you how to apply for the Citi Cashback Card. Firstly, the Citi Double Cash Card is a card that helps cardholders get unlimited cashback as they use their card for purchases. Not only that, with this card, you also stand a chance to get cash backs when you make an online payment. It’s like getting paid for using your card. Awesome right?

Citi Double Cash Card

Furthermore, this Citi Cashback Card is created by the Citi online bank. Meanwhile, this Citi bank is online banking that helps online users to check their account balances, make online payments and a lot more awesome features.

If you are a customer of this Citibank, you will have the access to varieties of banking features which comprises Deposit account, savings account, Loan, Home Loan Investment, Fixed deposit, online banking, Wealth Management, lending, Small business account, commercial accounts, personal banking, credit cards, mortgage, Home equity and a lot more. Also, the Citi card does not charge any foreign transaction fee. That’s one of its side attractions.

Citi Double Cash Benefits

Aside from earning cashback while you use these Citi Double Cards for purchases, this card also comes along with some amazing benefits in which you will enjoy as a cardholder. However, as a Citi Double Cash Cards holder, you get a balance transfer offer of 0% intro APR for 18 months. Then the variable APR will now be 13.99% – 23.99% based on your creditworthiness. Some other benefits you will enjoy while using these amazing Citi Double Cash Cards are:

  • This Citi Double Cash back Card has no annual fee attached to it.
  • You stand a chance to earn 1% unlimited cash back on every purchase you make.
  • You also earn cash back as you pay for purchases
  • No limitations to the number of cash back you can earn.
  • The most interesting part of the benefits is that, you can choose to receive your cash back as a statement credit, direct deposit, check and you can also convert it to points.

Citi Double Cash Card Application

When applying for the Citi Double Cash Credit Card application, you don’t need to be a customer of the Citi bank before you can apply for the card. But the application will be very easy if you are a Citi bank customer. Meanwhile, follow the steps below to apply for the Citi Double Cash Cards application:

  • Visit the Citi Double Cash Cards application page with a launched browser
  • On the application page, scroll down and fill out your personal information details like our First Name, Middle Name, Last Name and Suffix.
  • Then scroll to the next section which requires to enter your address details like Social security number, Date of birth and country of citizenship.
  • On the next section, you will be asked to enter your contact details like your Mobile Phone Number and Email address.
  • On the next section, you will be asked to create a security word hint and a security word
  • Then lastly, you will be asked to enter your financial details like your annual income in total and your monthly mortgage / Rent Payment.
  • After that, add an authorized user if you have one.
  • Then go through the terms and conditions of the card and agree to it. Finally, scroll down and click on the blue “Agree and Submit” to successfully submit your application.

Citi Double Cash Card Login

However, as a Citi Double Cash Credit Cardholder, here comes the portal whereby you get to access your Citi Double Cash Card account online safely. However, making payments online has now been very easy after you access your account. account. Without access to your account, you won’t be able to use your Citi Double Cash Cards online. However, some easy steps on how to gain access to your Citi Double Cash Cards account will be listed below:

  • Visit the website’s login page with a launched browser
  • Navigate to the login field and enter your username
  • Enter your password also
  • Then lastly, click on the sign in button below to gain access to your Citi Double Cash Cards account online. After gaining access to your Citi Double Cash Cards successfully, then you can now make contactless payment.

In conclusion, the Citibank cash card is a card with cool functions. The cash reward expires after twelve months if it is not redeemed. Some of the benefits of using the card include no annual fees and has high reward rate. Citibank also gives ThankYou points that can be used to collect cashback.