10 Best Projects

The 10 Best Projects You Can Build With Java

Java is a general-purpose programming language that is class-based, object-oriented ( although not a pure object-oriented language, as it contains primitive types), and designed to have a few implementation...
best 5 free movies streaming app

The 5 Best Free Movies App To Watch Movies Online

The 5 Best Free Movies App To Watch Movies Online The world is revolving real fast, streaming is the new way to watch and catch up with movies and trends....

10 Tips To Think About Before Making An App In 2019

Squiggle has a lot of experience with building mobile sites and applications. We regularly receive requests from companies and individuals who want to have an app made. Often such...
windows 10 mobile

Advantages of Windows 10 Mobile: 6 reasons for choosing this OS

Windows 10 Mobile is certainly interesting for the business market. But why. The 6 most important benefits of Windows 10 Mobile in a row.   Benefits of Windows 10 Mobile For consumers,...
facebook nearby friends

How Accurate is Facebook Nearby Friends ?

Facebook Nearby Friends accuracy A couple of months back, Facebook introduced us to the Facebook nearby friends feature. Using this feature, you can know if your friend is nearby your...

How To Use Facebook Dating App

I know quite well you have a facebook account but are you in search of your soul mate? Have you heard about Facebook Dating? Facebook has launched a dating...

Best Drones To Buy For Aerial Photography 2020

There’s never been a better time to own a drone. That’s because drones are indoor top-notch 4K cameras and somehow can be of huge importance how big the drone...
samsung galaxy s10 5g

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G – All Specifications And Functionality

One of the first 5g phones in the world, promising faster download speeds and more reliable connectivity than 4G LTE. Some of its other benefits include plenty of storage,...
mobile apps


For many web developers, who may be only familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, developing mobile applications can be foreign territory. Technically, mobile applications on Android, iOS, and Windows...
most effective star Panels

How To purchase the most effective star Panels

Solar Home Systems (SHS) area unit little to medium-sized systems that use electrical phenomenon solar power and battery storage to supply electricity wherever there's no grid access. solar power is controlled through electrical phenomenon panels mounted close to the house or building and connected to A battery bank....
english language

5 Ways How English Can Change Your Life

We all know there are millions of English speakers worldwide. However, what makes it an important language, not just a language? Is it really worth the time, effort and...
best laptops

Best laptop for 2019

In these best laptop for  2019  - our personal subjective ratings of models for sale today (or, more likely, coming soon), based largely on the features and research of...
laptop for video editing

The best laptop for Video and Photo editing

Most of the smartphones you get today can build video editing, just like most laptops. However, when it comes to video and photo editing, you need to improve the...