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How To Secure Your Facebook Account From Hackers.

  For a whole lot of people, Facebook is much an everyday routine. It's a life and culture to some, it is an abode for plenty, where they interact and catch up with friends both new and old. However, how to secure your Facebook account from hackers'. One of the most humiliating things and embarrassing is to have your Facebook Account Hacked as this can damage your reputation and your account can even be used to manipulate people. The under-listed Ideas Will ensure your Facebook account is safe from hackers please read carefully. 1. Make Sure your password is strong. What is a strong password? a strong password is a password that's special and contains alphanumeric, capital letter and special character. Using your favorite pet, name or date of birth is not advisable when trying a strong password. Also, a strong password must be at least 10 characters long   2. Avoid Using Facebook Password Anywhere else. A great portion of social media users use their Facebook password for every other social media platforms, this is not so good for anybody who wants to prevent his/her account from hackers. A quick hint at creating a password is adding extra character to your current standard password, You can also use a trustworthy password generator for people who are extremely lazy. Just in case you might end up forgetting your password I will advise you yourself a password Manager. Some devices come with password manager e.g Mac has a keychain. Another good advice is to you passphrase like " I love my cat black " as " ILMCB   3. Change Your Password At Interval Ensure to change your password from time to time I'll advise you to do that quarterly or at most every 6months. Keeping a password for a very long time have an adverse effect   4. Never Share Your Facebook With Anybody. This should be the first thing everybody should be aware of and make sure you don't share your password with anybody, not even your siblings well except you are ready for the consequences.   5. Avoid Using the "Remember Password" Feature on the Computer other than yours as this will give that computer your password and it will be stored on the computer. So next time you using a computer other than yours to visit Facebook and the prompt ask you to remember password do yourself the safety favor of clicking the not now button.