Need a safe and open-source web browser that answers all your surfing needs? Then Brave browser might just be the best option for you. It has features to block ad tracking and also optimize insecure connections. Also, provide turbo speed internet connection which is in turn encrypted for security purposes.

It offers a three times faster connection which affords you the means to be rewarded for using their platform. Furthermore, it helps in the optimization of data and battery usage which not all browsers offer.

Is this a safe browser?

Without overstressing the issue at hand, brave browsers provide a connection that is safe and secure for your use. You can trust this browser and it has become a good platform that helps to even block overbearing ads. It is also a complete replacement for the popular google chrome browser.

You should not be afraid to try something new, hence you get to experience its fast connection. With an open-source code that is available online, it turns insecure websites to “HTTPS” over an encrypted linking connection.

Is Brave browser illegal?

Due to various concerns from online users surfing the net. Brave browser decided to create their own platform that allows users to replace ads seen online with their own ads from the brave browser network. Now, this has generated various opinions from users and reviewers. Some of them feel it is wrong to replace online ads with their own ads on the browser network.

Now the good part is by so doing, anyone who uses the brave browser gets to earn some tokens. And these tokens are converted to earnings in bitcoins which you can continually accumulate from using the browser. This now leads to a large number of users switching to the browser.

Compartible Devices with Brave Browser

It is quite easy to download this browser on most devices. It is readily available on Android, iOS, and Computer. Users can also download brave on windows and mac.

How to Earn On Brave Browser

One of the cool stuff about this browser is the earning part. This has greatly driven tons of users to its platform. The following represents how you can start earning tokens from here. These tokens are made available in cryptocurrencies in the digital world. Don’t just use a web browser without having to earn.

  1. Note that the earnings you make are in the forn of BAT (Basic Attention Token) by refusing and replacing ads.
  2. You can earn BAT by watching ads. Just make sure you turn on “Brave Ads” from settings.
  3. You can earn BAT by installing Brave browser. Just by downloading you get $5.
  4. You can also earn BAT as a content creator eg youtuber, podcast, blogger etc.
  5. As an affiliate referring users to signup on the platform.

In conclusion, we have several ways talked about above on how to earn on Brave browser. Now after making some BAT earnings, you might wish to download. Proceed to register for UPHOLD, this is where you will switch your BAT for bitcoins or any available cryptocurrency of your choice.

On the Brave browser, look up at the top right corner, you will see a BAT triangle logo. When you click on it, you will be directed to the brave wallet. This is where your earnings are stored and you can then convert to crypto with UPHOLD. Which is also in turn converted to any currency of your choice.