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In the technological era that we live right now, the world is moving away from SMS and MMS. This evolution is slowly kicking, and it will inevitably happen. Years ago, apps like AOL Instant Messenger came up, and now it has evolved into an abundance of options.
That can only mean that evolution has kicked it up a score over the last few years. And as a result, it has become hard to select which android communication app to use Therefore, I have compiled a number of the best android communication apps for you.
All you have to do is keep reading.


First on my list, the most popular messenger app in the world. Everybody knows WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a part of the Facebook family that offers a more user-friendly base. These Android apps have tons of features, competing positively with other communication apps.
With frequent updates, this app includes voice and video chats, group chats, text messages. And if your Android device is supported, the app also supports multimedia formats like videos, Gifs, emoji, and even more.
The app is free and with no in-app purchases. With WhatsApp, users can share videos, calls, texts, pictures to their contacts, and the chats are entirely encrypted.


A communication app that you can set messages to self-destruct is the bomb. With its secure end-to-end encryption, Telegram is designed precisely for the security-conscious user. It is one of the private and safest communication apps available, which has made the app very popular.
The fantastic thing is that the messages sent through Telegram are encrypted. Hence, anything is it regular chat, GIFs, videos, documents, or pictures, it can only be seen by you and whoever you are sending the message. This app allows you to participate in group chats of up to 200,000 members.


This very app allows you to have fun by taking fresh pictures and chat. These features are what makes this app unique, guess that’s why it is called “Snapchat”. Just like the other regular communication apps, it comes with additional features. Features including voice calls, video messages, photo messages, and text messages.

Snapchat’s most famous feature is funny effects and filters it applies through its AI on your selfie and video snaps. The app also offers photo editing, Snapchat Stories that allows users to update stories on their status.

Snapchat is somewhat different from most communication apps because unlike other apps, it deletes messages after viewing. That means there is no message history or back-up storage of messages sent or received.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger app has grown in popularity because of its mother platform. This popularity puts the communication app on our list of best android communication apps. Messenger allows you to message all your friends on the popular social network.
It automatically floods your contacts from your friend list on Facebook. It also allows the option of adding a connection or allow someone to add you as a contact, by scanning a unique code.
On Messenger, you can send your Facebook friends or other messenger users the usual chat messages. As well as voice messages, video calls with extra features like GIF support and photo and location sharing.

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Skype is one of the most familiar communication apps ever. Though famous for its functionality in video and voice calls, the app also includes more features. Features like text chatting, calling people on a real phone number with nominal fee among others. Now, these features may and may not be useful, just depending on what you want.

This android app has exceptional cross-platform, multiple chat support, also supports most files like GIFs, documents, and others. Want Skype but don’t want all the features? You could also try out the Lite version of Skype.

Viber Messenger

Viber Messenger is also among the most popular communication apps. With this application, you get a full experience, including calls, messages, group chats, video messages, self-destruct chat, and even more.

Other features include stickers, emoticons, worldwide news, and more. This android communication app is very relaxed to set up and offers the user a variety of options. To login, the app uses your phone number and syncs with your phone and helps find Viber-using contacts.

Recently, new updates have introduced a new interface to help speed up messaging, and video group calls performance. Also, due to the updates, the self-destructing message feature is now rolling out to all one-on-one chats. Hence, user privacy is guaranteed.
Slack is a productivity and team-oriented messaging app. Corporations and casual users alike use this communication app with its mix of messaging, management tools, app integration, and scheduling.
Other features of Slack include covering your IM basics with real-time messaging synced across devices, supports file sharing, direct, and group messaging tools.
The app also allows you to set up subgroups for tasks swiftly, documents your communication, and searches through old messages. Aside from all these, slack app searches channels and shared files, integrates with a variety of services as cloud storage.


This another android communication app, it has recently become one of the favourite go-to apps for gamers looking to communicate with other players. Discord allows its users to create, join, and organize the discussion around named text and voice channels.
Apart from the robust voice and text chat features, discord also sends photo messages and can easily send invite links to servers and their contacts. The most exciting feature of disagreement is the Go Live feature that lets users broadcast gameplay privately.

The app allows 1-10 friends for the broadcast in your Discord server’s voice channel.


With this lockdown and staying at home new, chatting sometimes becomes boring, and you want to do something fun online with friends. Now, you want to link up with friends over a messaging app and still have an element of fun and games?
Houseparty offers both in one app. A video chat app that also lets you play interactive games and quizzes. Users enjoy face-to-face time with friends while playing sports as well.
While there is an orientation towards teens with Houseparty, other users use the app to stay connected during the “stay home” period. The app limitation for face-to-face is eight people, and you get alerts when your “Houseparty” friends are online.

Final Note

There you have them, all listed and explained. These android communications apps are for different purposes, whether for a meeting, fun, connecting to others. Read through and select the one that best suits your needs.

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