I hate it when I make thousands of attempts to take a good photo, and it just does not come outright.

It’s so annoying. Are you having the same problem? Maybe it’s the color or brightness or orientation.

Whatever the problem is, I’ve got the solution to it. The simple solution to this problem is photo editing apps.

The first problem solved… Now getting the best photo editing app is quite challenging.

This is because there is a huge number of apps designed for photo editing functions. But, don’t worry… I’ve hot that covered as well.

Most people use android phones these days. In this article, I will be listing out some of the best android apps for photo editing.

Here are the 10 best android apps for photo editing.


Photoshop Express

One of the best photo editing apps for Android is the first on our list. It has a very simple interface and features. Photoshop Express has all the basic features like cropping, rotating, flipping photos and resizing the image, and more. This photo editing app is easy to use and free to download. 


  • Completely remove spots, and dust from the pictures with one-touch
  • Consists of 15 borders and frames, so you can add a unique personal touch to the pictures.
  • It has additional filters for fun.

PicsArt Photo Studio

Now, this is a complete app when it comes to photo editing. This android photo editing app comes collage maker, various tools, and a camera. This app is so much fun to use. And yes, it is free to download. 


  • This app collage maker will give you over 100 free templates.
  • Has tools that can crop the image, stretch, clone, and adjust curves.
  • It also has customizable brushes and great drawing tools.  
  • Its Camera will allow you to take photos with live effects.


This android photo editing app has a beautiful interface and is user-friendly. So, it’s easy for you to do your work. PhotoDirector has all the basic features that a normal photo app has and more. Live photo effects are possible with this app because of its in-app camera.


  • You can always apply photo effects wherever you want.
  • You can make improvement and adjustments to the color of your picture with color editing features
  • You can create imaginative photo effects with photo retouch tools. 


This is one of the best photo editing apps for Android. It is ad-free and free to download. It has various filters to modify the image. Furthermore, it’s so easy to use and, the tools it has will make your job easy.


  • You can tune the image with precise control.
  • You can crop and rotate the image, resizing fonts, adding frames are so easy with this app.
  • You can also adjust the color with various tools 

Toolwiz Photos

Toolwiz Photos is a great photo editing app that is really good at adding filters. As well as adjusting saturation, and making awesome collages. One more thing about the app that it is free to download like all the previous app that we have mentioned.


  • It comes with different filters, and every single of them is great.
  • Beautiful, stylish, and simple interface.
  • It comes with basic and advanced editing tools.

YouCam Perfect

YouCam is a handy photo-editing app where you can easily edit the pictures within seconds. You can edit your pictures, beautify them, and add frames & collages with a complete set of a toolkit.


  • With YouCam, you can blur the background, blur the picture, resize it, crop and rotate it, and so many more.  
  • You can also make your photos beautiful by reshaping your face, smoothing your skin, adding contours. 
  • The object removal tool will give you boundless options. You can remove the background or anything that does not go with the photo.

Photo Lab

Photo Lab can help make your picture stand out. Photo Lab comes with a collection of almost 900 different effects. You should know that all the basic tools for photo editing are there. 


  • Photo Lab comes with a “face photo montage” feature. With Face photo montage, you can easily swap your face with something else.
  • You can also use different photo filters like black & white, oil painting, neon glow, and many more.
  • Finally, the interface is simple and intuitive. 


The airBrush photo app is packed with features, its user-friendly tools and awesome filters produce great editing results. Now, if you love to refine the pictures that have your face in it, then it will be the perfect app for you.


  • With Airbrush, you can remove pimples and spots that are visible in the picture. 
  • Airbrush “Blur” editing tool will allow you to retouch every picture so that you can give it more depth. 
  • With Airbrush real-time editing technology. You can edit before taking a selfie.


This photo editing app offers a suite of features for avid mobile users. It’s a staple in any digital creative’s toolkit. 


  • It is user-friendly with sleek, polished design
  • You can edit more closely with beauty filters and adjustment sliders.


PhotoGrid offers so many things at once. With this android app, you can remix your photos and share your pictures on various social platforms. You can beautify your photos by adding filters, tweaking the colors, and others. 


  • You can adjust your picture’s contrast, brightness, and layout.
  • With the new facial recognition tech, you will be able to soften wrinkles and remove blemishes. 

Final Thought

With all being said, these are some of the best photo editing apps for Android that we recommend for you.