An app developer is someone who helps to bring out our ideas to life. They turn ideas into finished work in terms of application production. The application developed can be for different devices like mobile, tablet, or computers. An app developer plays a key role in project management.

We regularly have customers here who have horror stories about app developers that they’ve tried (or sometimes even approached) for that. In most cases, they could have prevented those problems by asking the right questions to the app developer. With that in mind, we’ve started making a list of 8 questions that you should always ask. Before you start an app project with a developing party:

  1. Which product management processes do you use?

Agile is actually the best answer here. You want a developer with an agile approach to getting started with your project. While developing an app you will always come across things that cause you to have to make new choices about how to proceed. With traditional development processes where the specifications are completely fixed and cannot change, you cannot maximize the app’s budget and goals.

What you want is for the developer to sit down with you regularly and discuss progress. During each meeting, things may come up that should have been different. If you can make changes immediately, you will eventually make a better app.

  1. Who is the owner of the code?

Some app developers offer a discounted rate if they themselves can retain the rights to the developed code after the project has been completed. There are a few reasons why you should not want this:

If you would like to change things later on with the app, the developer can take you hostage, as they were, after all, they can charge any rate for adjustments and changes. You can’t leave them easily. You lose the full ownership of the intellectual property (I.P.) and with that, you can get into trouble later, for example, when looking for investors. Everyone wants a little discount, but releasing ownership is not a good idea.

  1. If I am not satisfied with the cooperation, how can I avoid it?

Make sure that you can always get out of the contract with the developer if you are not satisfied with the collaboration or if there is insufficient progress. You must be able to own the work at any time – including designs and the code. Of course, you will still have to pay for the hours worked, but you can continue with the project.

  1. How are costs and planning estimated for my project?

Every customer we have worked with wants to know what the app will cost and how long it will take. But the customers who are the most successful understand that a good estimate cannot be made on the basis of a 5-minute call. Be on your guard if you get cheap offers after such a short phone call to develop your app. Such parties may need very hard work at the moment, probably do not understand the scope and specifications, and will almost certainly not deliver quality work later.

They try to get you in early and quickly and then earn back the difference later. In the long run, this will probably cost you a lot more if (big) things have to change in your app, or worse, completely rebuild the app. We have previously taken over other crisis projects for the above reason.

  1. What type of customers do you cooperate with more often?

This is a good indicator to determine whether the developer has experience with developing apps such as yours. Do they have examples of comparable (customer-focused) apps from well-known companies? The most important thing is that they have experience with connecting complex integrations with other systems via, for example, APIs. For an example of a customer-oriented app that is linked to Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

  1. Can I talk to three of your previous customers?

You should always ask this question to any type of service provider. If an app developing party has difficulty specifying three good references, it is time to look further. (You can always ask us for it.)

  1. What are your most successful projects and can we try them?

If we want to hire someone for a role within our company, we ask everyone about previous projects that they have worked on and are proud of. In the same way, you should also ask the potential app developer what projects they are proud of. You quickly get a better picture of the quality and expertise that way. View our case studies here.

  1. How do you test the app?

Check carefully how (and if) testing is taking place, it is important to have regular and automated tests already carried out during the app’s construction. Every mistake that can be corrected during development saves a lot of new work once the app is completed. Do not compromise on the quality of the end product. Here are tips you should think of before making an app.

In conclusion, there are important tips to look out for when in need of an App developer. This would save us from the stress of having trouble with the developer. Periodically also ask for feedback during all the stages of development. And do make sure to test the app being developed. They should also be accessible for continuous support, modification, and update from the app developer even after completion.