Have you ever seen a particular video on YouTube and want to watch it all over again? Have you ever wanted to download a movie on YouTube and never saw the download link or button? Well, allow me to introduce you to android apps for downloading YouTube videos.

Well, a YouTube downloader application is an app that allows you to save your favorite YouTube videos on your Android smartphones for free. You will agree with me that YouTube videos can sometimes be educating, entertaining for people.

In this article, I will be dropping some great android apps to download YouTube videos. All you have to do is to keep reading… don’t stop

Best Android Apps for Downloading YouTube Videos


InsTube application is a video downloader app that supports video downloads from YouTube. With InsTube, you can save video and audio files to your Android device storage. You even get to choose the resolution and format for the file. The app comes with a simple, and intuitive interface. Also, with a large number of customizable setting options.


With InTube, you are guaranteed HD and 4K downloads. You can also get access to free music and video downloads because it comes with an inbuilt video and music player. These apps consume fewer data, battery, and come with an inbuilt video locker.


This is yet another video downloader for your android devices. With SnapTube, you can download videos and music from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media. It is simply the best solution to download embedded videos from web pages. The android app comes with a very simple and easy interface. With the help of the search option, you can search for videos using keywords. One interesting thing about this app, is that it supports multiple downloads.

Other features include access to directly download MP3, very easy, and safe to use. You can also manage your video downloads with SnapTube.


This android app is the upgraded version of SnapTube. With an inbuilt browser and updated features required for your video download.  Vidmate comes with a very easy and intuitive UI. You get to play video and download them if you like in different resolutions. 

Currently, Vidmate is one of the best android applications for downloading videos, songs from YouTube, Instagram, Soundcloud, and many other online services. Other features of Vidmate include; access to multiple downloads, a very friendly, and easy interface. Also, with Vidmate, you can filter the videos by year, rating, and genre.


This is a simple android application that allows you to download your favorite videos from YouTube and other online services. You also get to choose where to store the downloaded videos, so that you can access them whenever you want. 

To download from KeepVid, all you need to do is open any site, search for the file you want to save. Then, simply paste the URL on KeepVid and you can instantly download the file. You can also download videos in different resolutions such as 1080, 720p, or 320p. 

Did I mention that KeepVid comes with a simple and customized UI, also supports different sites? You can also download your videos in MP3 or HD format. And you can download your videos with subtitles… interesting right?


This is one of the oldest video downloader designed for Android devices. But guess what… the application is still going strong. Just like the rest listed above, the app also comes with a built-in browser. Now, the built-in browser allows you to navigate through different video sites to download the content. 

With MediaClip, you can play, preview, and download videos. Plus, you can download all your videos in the background, and also in different formats. All, you have to do is begin a search or to start browsing videos.


Allow me to introduce you to YouTube Twin. OGYouTube is a YouTube with no Ads, download links, dark mode, background play option, Ad-Blocker, screen minimization, and so many more. Isn’t it just great? This android application has just the same core functionalities and interface as YouTube. The difference between the two are the benefits of direct downloads and others that are absent from YouTube 

One interesting thing about this android app is that you don’t need any root access to enjoy the benefits of OGYouTube. This apps has useful inbuilt settings that help set the download speed, download limit, and the path to download.


My list of android apps for downloading YouTube videos will not be complete without TubeMate appearing. Aside from Vidmate and Snaptube, Tubemate is another popular video downloader. The TubeMate has many great features including multiple downloads, inbuilt player, background player, and many more. 

With TubeMate, you can download videos from YouTube and other video streaming apps. While downloading, you can pause, resume, or even cancel a download. You can also download videos in different formats and can convert files into preferable formats.


Here are the lists of the best Android apps for downloading YouTube Videos. You can choose any that suits you best. Feel free to share this article with a friend.