We’ve heard plenty about how Android apps on Windows and how it is such a big deal on Chrome OS. I bet the first time you found yourself staring at the Google Play Store on a dual-purpose device, you didn’t know where to begin. 

The fact remains that Chromebooks were already quite capable without Android apps. Basically, many of the Play Store’s most popular titles are available in web-app equivalents. True, you might want to install the Google Docs Android app or the Twitter Android app onto a Chromebook. But you’d earn better and more complete experiences by using either service’s web-based counterpart. 

However, the trick is to figure out which Android apps actually enhance Chrome OS in a significant way. You could find out by either filling in a gap in the platform or by adding something new and practical into the experience. 

So, I have taken my time and listed out the android apps you can use on your Chromebook. Android apps that you could use for work, music, video, safe, and many more.

Take your time and read through. Find out the ones that are more relevant for you right now. Let’s kick-off…


Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel

First on my list is the most obvious of the bunch. Let’s say Google Docs doesn’t cut it for you and Microsoft’s Office Online offering is equally insufficient. Then the Android versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are precisely what you need. And yes, they’re fully featured and remarkably friendly. Well, this is possible as long as you have an Office 365 subscription

Solid Explorer

Let’s talk about file management. For Chromebook, I know the native Chrome OS Files app is fine. Still, you can give yourself even greater file management power with Solid Explorer. An Android file manager app that’s optimized for Chromebook. 

This android app for Chromebook allows you to use a two-panel view for easy dragging and dropping of files between multiple locations. These, including your regular local storage, the area of your store dedicated to Android app use, and cloud-based storage from a variety of compatible providers. 

Even more, it connects to your own personal or company FTP or WebDav server, too. And lets you add additional layers of encryption to files in any of those locations. Interesting, right? 


I know you are familiar with this app. Are you a Facebook lover? Do you rely on Facebook’s Messenger system for any sort of communication? Well, using the standalone Android app is infinitely better than keeping the full Facebook website open all day. Or having to pick up your phone every time a new message comes in. 

Yes, you can use the web-based version in Chrome. But hey, the app is more feature-rich. Play games with your Facebook friends, send payments, chat with businesses and their bots, and more. Every single thing you love about the web-based version is also available on the app.

 The Xodo PDF Reader and Editor

Another interesting android app Chromebook is Xodo PDF reader and editor. This android app makes it very simple to write on, highlight, and annotate PDFs. Do you need to fill out forms by hand? Or do you need to mark up the occasional document? Then, this free and easy-to-use app is the one for you. This app is also my recommendation for the best PDF manipulation program for Android devices.

Google Keep

Google’s keep or note-taking service has an effective web design that does the job. But, when it comes to considering stylus support, the Android app is just what you will need on your Chromebook.

The Android app is much better suited to pen-based input. That will be all thanks to its built-in tools and settings for controlling the color and thickness of your “ink.” Even better, it can add a spice of different paper-like grid lines into a note to make it feel like more of a natural writing environment.

One interesting thing about this Android app is it can be made accessible for quick note-taking directly from your lock screen. This is a potentially handy feature no other app can provide. Take advantage of it.

Google Play Music

Technically, you don’t need the Play Music Android app for offline access to your tunes. But you’ll certainly want it. Now, contrary to the web design, which simply lets you download the music you own in MP3 form. The Android app, on the other hand, lets you pin any albums, songs, or playlists available in your collection onto your device for offline entertainment. 

Even better, you can pin stations, provided you have an unlimited listening subscription. And notwithstanding what type of arrangement you prefer, you can use the app’s regular interface to browse all of your downloaded audio and control playbacks.


Last on my list is the VidTrim Android app. Plainly-speaking, web-based video editors are a bit of a let-down. The options on Android, well most of it are either overly shallow or so unhandy and intricate that you’ll never want to use them. 

However, Goseet’s VidTrim achieves an admirable middle ground. Its’ interface is simple to use. Plus, it handles all the basics most folks will want from an on-the-go video editor. Very important, it works flawlessly with Chrome OS. 


Don’t make your Chromebook boring for you. Have a look at these Android apps and decide on which will be beneficial to you.