Whether you are rocking a Galaxy Tab S3 or an old Nexus 7, there are tons of things to do with your tablets and plenty of android app to help you achieve that. I have a list of android apps for tablets and you will find a hundred different apps in twenty different categories.

These apps are essential for everyone who has an android device. They range from app for getting the latest movies to storage space to picture and video editor.


Feedly is a news app, essentially. You find sites, blogs, and sources that you like, you follow them and you will have a steady stream of news to read all day which should suffice enough to replace the morning paper. The Feedly interface is simple to use, it syncs between devices, and you can follow as many topics as you want.

Feedly app also supports Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Evernote, and others, and also gives you control over what you see which makes it one of the best tablets apps for news. It a needed android app.

Google drive

The Google drive is a complete suite and is excellent for tablets. The suite includes Google drive, docs, slides, sheets, keep, Google photos and there is also an integration with Gmail, Google calendar, and other Google apps. The whole suite is intertwined in such a way that most of your office and cloud storage needs are covered.

You can also backup and access photos, write stuff, keep notes and make spreadsheets. The interesting thing about Google drive is that you can purchase more Google drive storage if needed as well. A great android app.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle has tons of books that you can buy and you can buy books anywhere and sync them to any device. A tablet makes reading easier with its larger screen and the app has a variety of reading options and should also be easy enough to download books for offline reading.

The Amazon Kindle is a free app and is flexible enough to let you import non0Amazon books or documents too, including TXT and PDF files. A cool andriod app for your device


AirDroid helps manage your phone from other devices. That includes files, photos, messages and so on straight from your computer. With these features, you can use your tablet to respond to text messages and read text messages and move files from your phone to your tablets or vice versa. The app has a bunch of add-ons which include AirMirror and AirDroid Remote Support and both add all kinds of functionality.


Watching movies and TV shows in bed is one of the great joys of owning a tablet and having a Netflix subscription just makes it all better. Using Netflix on your tablets gives you a wide variety of available content and is easy to use on any tablet.

Netflix is the granddaddy of all streaming services and is great to use on your tablets to take advantage of the larger screen. You can use the app to enjoy shows and movies on the larger tablet screen instead of your smartphone.

Microsoft Office

This is a well-known app as office software and just like Google Drive, Microsoft has a whole suite of apps that all work together, we have OneDrive for cloud storage, Microsoft word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and a few others. Most of it can be gotten for free and it is a great opinion for those who are serious about productivity.

Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer is an awesome file browsing app that is also good for finding eBooks, moving stuff around if you need to, and also has a design that compliments the larger screen real estate on tablets. You can browse multiple parts on your phone at once, open two folders at once, click and drag. An awesome android app.


The sketchbook app is a digital painting and drawing app for tablets for both casual and professional artists. Artists can use a sketchbook to capture any idea they have, snap a picture of a drawing, and import it into the app to finish it off with effects and colors. Drawing with pencils, inks, markers, and brushes are available in the app to help you incorporate textures and shapes into your drawings, plus the sketchbook UI is clean and so easy to use.


Snapseed is a tool used by different tablets when moving your photos to your tablets, either via the cloud, an SD card, or from a Wi-Fi-enabled camera to touch them up before sharing them. It is very powerful giving the benefits of a wider screen and full range of controls from basics like brightness and contrasts. A powerful android app for editing.


This simple app is the simplest way to share folders and files between your tablets, PC, and phone. All you have to do is install the app on all devices, then as soon as you save a file into the dropbox folder, it will automatically and instantly show up on all your other devices. Wonderful right?

In conclusion, there are a whole lot of apps for your android tablets. Try one or two and let us know what you think. These android app helps us to enjoy the ususage of our device. And also solve basic needs like editing, storage space, latest social news etc.