Need a platform for the best and largest music database? Then look no further Amazon music will satisfy all your cravings. It has a large selection of music genres. It has an app that can be downloaded on all devices.

With different subscription plans to get you to enjoy your favourite music. You definitely have a variety of options to listen to. You can easily download songs to your smartphones or laptops.

When you turn off your internet connection, you can still listen to the downloaded songs on your device. You even get to stream songs on this platform with another device.

What’s even great is that the music can be enjoyed using Dolby Atmos and 360 Reality Audio. With over 70 million songs in high definition sounds.

Types of Subscription

Please note that this has different levels of subscription for your listening pleasure. Based on your preferences and types we have the following.

  • Amazon music unlimited individual plan

There is a twist here. You can access it on different devices but one at a time. Meaning you can only access amazon songs on one device per time.

  • Amazon music unlimited family plan

It allows for multiple logins on different devices. Numbering up to six devices for use.

  • Amazon music single device plan.

This plan limits you to using just one device. It does not allow you to listen on other devices. Strictly just for a device.

  • Amazon music unlimited student plan

The various plans listed above all have their unique features. Some allow for use of HD sounds while others do not.

Streaming Amazon Music on Devices

The type of subscription chosen determines how many devices you can connect with. Moreover, you get to stream music and listen to them as you please.

Some subscription plan allows for one to log in and use one device at a time. While others allow for simultaneous use on up to six different devices.