Alison is a free digital platform that allows one to get knowledge, skills, and certificate in a convenient place. It simply allows one to learn and be a master at a particular ability, skill, and knowledge. It is an education-based platform founded in Galway, Ireland in 2007 by Mike Feerick. Most courses are available in various languages like English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, etc.

The website is found on “”. It boasts of about eleven million users, seventeen million registered learners, three million graduates, and over two thousand courses. It is recognized and accredited by CPD UK continuing professional development. Alison’s certificate has now become more recognized and tenable by job seekers and employers. The courses available are psychology, IT, business management, English language, personal development, and a lot more.

How Courses are Presented

The courses are presented in PowerPoint presentation style. And taught in easy for learning and you are required to often take note during the course of lectures. The courses are divided into short modules for learning and a passing grade of 80% or above is needed. If you do not meet up to the pass mark, you can retake some of the assessments done to level up your score to the cut-up mark. Please note that the certificates are given at a small price to get the digital certificate but the courses are definitely free.   

Types of Courses On Alison

Alison basically turns theory into practical use. They make sure that the courses taught are broken down into relatable chunks. We have three major divisions in the learning fields which are:

  • Personal development

This dives deeper into a particular field you want to grow in. sometimes this might not be related to your profession just a particular interest you want to know more about. Under this section, we have courses related to hobbies, personal interests, and personal improvement.

  • Academic courses

These are courses that are tailored towards improving a user’s academic performance. They are splitting according to the typical academic learning level in school which are for primary level, secondary level, and advanced college level.

  • Workplace

This is made to help one improve on our set career goals and aspirations. This is done whether one chooses to learn more about your field of professional or add a different field of profession for more in-depth exposure and knowledge.

How to Enroll on Alison

Getting started with one of the largest digital learning platforms is quite easy and the process requires you to link one of these to the platform (Facebook, Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Yahoo). Just to be sure how your name would appear on your certificate. Or you just fill out the following information.

  • Go-to “”
  • Tap on “sign-up”
  • Fill in your “first name”, “surname”, “email” and “password”
  • Read up on the “terms and conidition” and tick the box
  • Finally tap on the “sign-up” button

Also note that we have three types of online learning content outcomes on Alison which are certificates, diplomas, and learning path. Each depends on the number of hours you spend to finish up the course. We have three types of certificates given which are digital, printed, or framed. When learning on the platform you might often come across adverts that might slow down your learning pace. You may then decide to opt for the premium plan on Alison which eliminates all adverts for a price fee of $9 monthly or $79 yearly or $560 for lifetime access.

Top Courses on Alison

The following are some of the most visited courses on this digital learning platform/ some of which includes:

  • Project management
  • Supply chain management
  • Digital photography
  • Applied operational management-inventory models
  • Strategic management
  • Services management
  • French language
  • Diploma in English grammar
  • Business management and entrepreneurship

In conclusion, if you want to save money, time, and energy while learning then you should consider taking an online course on this platform. The courses are free however you would be required to pay a token for your certificate at the end of the program at a reduced additional fee. Using the premium account saves the stress of seeing ads and you get to complete your course on time.