Airdrop is a platform owned by Apple Inc. which can transfer files among supported MacOs and iOS devices by means of close-range wireless communication. It is similar to what it offers Near Share to Google for users of Android, and when it works, is a great way to quickly and easily share things among Apple devices.

It helps to transfer files to and from a similar apple device. Unfortunately, airdrop does not work on any android device but we have an alternative known as “Nearby”. Which is strictly meant to be used for android.

Features Of Airdrop

  • Transfer of files.
  • Using of Bluetooth to broadcast
  • Connection through Wi-Fi.
  • Efficient power
  • Security.

Pros And Cons of Airdrop


  • Tokens can spread to a wider user base
  • Marketing costs are low


  • Later token buyers may see their value drop
  • Issue too few tokens and impact is minimal
  • Issue too many tokens and dilute the token value

10 Alternatives To Airdrop

  1. Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is a great alternative and one of the most powerful file transfer tools. Most file transfer tools only allow you to transfer files between nearby devices, Send Anywhere allows you to send files, well, anywhere in the world.

  1. Snapdrop

Snapdrop is the most simple alternative.  It’s a simple web app that lets you share files over the same network.

  1. Xender

Xender is another alternative. It is a popular file-sharing app, which is available for multiple mobile platforms for free including ads in the app. But what makes it a great alternative is the fact that it has a pretty cool web app. Connecting your phone to your PC or Mac is pretty simple with Xender

  1. SHAREit

SHAREit is a great and popular alternative too. It is a free file-sharing application that works across almost all major platforms. The app lets you connect your mobile phone to a PC or a Mac over the same WiFi network by scanning a QR code or by connecting to a WiFi hotspot that the app generates.

  1. Filedrop

Filedrop is a popular alternative also. It lets you share files over the same network with ease. File droplets you share a file or multiple files with just a couple of taps. Select the device you want to share files with, then select the files from a built-in file manager and share.

  1. Instashare

Instashare is another great alternative. The UI is pretty straightforward and Instashare can be used to share any type of file without any restrictions whatsoever. Instashare also works without the need to punch in the individual password and without any pairing.

  1. Zapya

Zapya is a very popular file-sharing app, which is available on all platforms and even the web, making it a perfect alternative. The free app allows you to share all kinds of files from your phone to PC or PC to phone over the same network, without the use of bandwidth.

  1. Onionshare

Onionshare is one of the best alternatives. It is a web server that is started locally on a computer. OnionShare web addresses are protected with a random password.

  1. WeTransfer

WeTransfer is a great alternative because it allows you to send big or small files from your device to another device. It can transfer any type of file – such as presentations, photos, videos, music, or documents – to friends and colleagues.

  1. NitroShare

NitroShare is another alternative to NitroShare. It is a network file-sharing application that makes sending a file to another machine on the local network as easy as dragging and dropping.

Is It Free And Subscription?

It is completely free to access all features on this platform.

How To Download Airdrop App On Android, Ios And Computer


  • Go to your Android devices and go to the Google Play Store.
  • Tap the icon from your Home screen.
  • Go to Search at the right corner and type “Airdrop.
  • Tap the Airdrop icon.
  • Tap the Install button.


  • Using your IOS device, go to the App Store.
  • Tap the icon from your IOS device Home screen.
  • Go to Search and type “Airdrop”·           
  • Tap the Airdrop icon.
  • Then install and login.

For Computer

  • To Begin, Install Bluestacks In PC
  • After Bluestacks Installation, Double-Click Its Icon From The Desktop To Launch It.
  • Once Bluestacks Is Launched, You Need To Log In Via Email From Within Bluestacks
  • Click “Play Store” Button In The Emulator
  • Search For Airdrop
  • The App Will Display Then You Can Install.

How To Connect Iphone, Ipad, And Macos To Airdrop

  • Open Photos on your Mac.
  • Select the photo or video that you want to transfer.
  • Click the share icon at the top of the screen and choose AirDrop.
  • Choose the device you want to send your file(s) to, and then click Done.
  • Then, it is done.

Tips To Fix Issues On Airdrop App

  • Re-Sign In Icloud.
  • Restart Your Device.
  • Reset Network Settings.
  • Restart Wi-Fi And Bluetooth.
  • Update Your Device With The Latest Ios Version.

How To Airdrop Photos

  • To airdrop photos do the following:
  • Find the photo you’d like to send in your Airdrop camera roll or gallery.
  • Tap the Share button.
  • Open Finder.
  • Open Airdrop.
  • iPhone will find the Mac or the Mac will find the iPhone (Depends on who is sending)
  • Click Send.
  • Photos land in the downloads folder by default.

How To Share Files On Airdrop?

  • To share photos do the following:
  • Find the file you’d like to send in your Airdrop file manager or phone manager.
  • Tap the Share button.
  • Open Airdrop.
  • iPhone will find the Mac or the Mac will find the iPhone (Depends on who is sending)
  • Click Send.
  • File will land in the downloads folder by default.

How To Accept Or Decline Airdrop Transfer

  • Make sure Airdrop is enabled in control settings.
  • Open the file you want to send. Tap the Share icon and choose a person’s name.
  • Tap Accept or Decline for files sent to you via AirDrop.

Airdrop Requirements

The user you want to connect with must have:

  • Bluetooth
  • Email
  • And your contact

Is thereby Airdrop For Android?

The Airdrop for Android is Nearby Share that allows users to send files, videos, audio, and apps to each other.

In conclusion, it is a great app by Apple Inc. It automatically detects nearby supported devices, and the devices only need to be close enough to establish a good Wi-Fi connection, making it possible to share files across several rooms.