Air purifier is a device that helps to clean up dirt and stale air around us. Another name for air purifiers is called air cleaner. It makes sure that the air within us is safe from infections that can harm one’s health. Both outside and indoor air need to be purified. In fact, most times its being said is advisable for those suffering from allergies, asthma, and polluted air from smokers.

The device comes in various shapes and sizes some to be hung, stand-alone and table-top. It can be found in some places like schools, offices, hospitals, etc. The way the air purifier works is that it contains one or more filters and a fan inclusive which helps to suck in the toxic air. And then the air passes through those filters tap the pollutant. Which then releases clean air back to the environment.

Importance of Air Purifier

The great good of air purifiers cannot be over-emphasized. This is because it helps us to eliminate 99% of air-borne diseases that we would have inhaled from bad toxic air. Here are a few reasons why we need air purifiers:

  1. A good air purifier reduces the chances of inhaling radical pollutants that are suspended in the air surface which causes different respiratory problems.
  2. Cleans up toxic chemicals contained in indoor environment that one inhales unknowingly.
  3. Turns unwelcoming odour into harm free clean air. Just like having guest come around and being worried that the cooking activities would disturb them, but then the air purifier help to absorb all that smell and turns your room into an odour free air.
  4. Enhances quality sleep in order to boost productivity.
  5. Those who live in an old house are at great risk of inhaling asbestos particle common in such situation but the air purifier helps kill off such.
  6. Makes one live healthier and more longevity.

Types of Air Purifier

We have various types of air purifiers all performing unique functions. However, there are some filters that contain elements like HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air), Activated Carbon, or UV light. Some purifiers contain one or more of the above-named filters for their cleansing function. Here are some types:

  • Electrostatic Precipitation
  • Ultraviolet Light Air Purifiers
  • Activated Carbon
  • HEPA filters
  • Ozone Generators

Factors to Consider Before Getting Air Purifier

Before you get an air purifier it is important to take note of the following reasons based on choice, love, satisfaction, and in all overall cleansing of the home. Here are some reasons:

  1. Getting one that the size fits appropriately with the size of the room it would be in.
  2. How often does the entire volume of air in your room get filtered? The higher the air change per hour the more effective such purifier is.
  3. Check to know that it does not emit ozone gas because ozone gas is dangerous to one’s health.
  4. The mode of maintenance for the filter in the purifiers. The filters should be change in every three months for optimal use.
  5. The rate at which the purifier cleans air to clear off dust, smoke amd pollen particles.
  6. Contains HEPA filters and activated carbon because they are effective for eliminating minute pollutants.
  7. Opt for purifiers with reduced noise level to avoid waking up every time during night sleep.

Finally, the need for air purifiers in every home is very important. We could also take steps like making sure we vacuum our floor twice a week, allow for cross ventilation, grow green plants and use exhaust fans to eliminate odour. These steps also help in the overall cleanliness level of the home when an air purifier is not available.