Are you an acapella music lover? Do you want to join the community of acapella lovers? Well, if your answer to these questions is a big yes. Then you may require the best android apps for acapella makers. Acapella apps make your singing easier and somewhat professional.

Join me and read through as I unravel a few of the best apps for acapella. Now, these apps are compatible with your android devices. Interesting right? Read through, and decide the best one for you. Then, try them out and have fun!



This is the number one singing app that lets people create and share their music videos. Uses can share their music videos by recording on their android device as they sing along to karaoke tracks. First, pick a song, then choose to sing solo with another Smule user. Haven created your video, you can now upload it to Smule. 

You can add some visual features like Snapchat and Instagram, as well as audio improvements. Smule users can also freestyle and sing without backing track. With this acapella app for android, you also invite others and collaborate with them live. Your collaborators can also submit their recordings as recorded songs can be set to private or shared. 

Users can like, comment on, and share recorded songs via social media. With the Smule messenger feature, you can chat privately and live stream for invited or public audiences. In summary, the Smule app is a karaoke app where users can join the global karaoke party for free. 


Are you having issues with your singing? Can’t seem to hit that low or high not? Don’t panic! Because Acapella droid is a simple app for recording yourself or friends singing. You can record with multiple tracks and play them back for an “acapella” sound. Don’t worry, if you can hit that pitch, you can always change the pitch 6 whole steps higher or lower. 

Go ahead and record as many tracks as you want with this android app. The moment it hits the 6th track, it goes onto the next page. Then you can settle down and rearrange the audio tracks just the way you want. You can also change the pitch duplicate the tracks in whole steps and get instant harmony.

The features of the Acapella droid includes;

  • Categorizing recording in projects
  • Exporting and importing projects
  • Changing pitch and tempo without affecting speed and pitch respectively

In essence, the Acapella droid is an android application that allows acapella lovers to record themselves while singing.


This is another android app for acapella lovers that simply combines your videos and creates amazing acapella mixes. Acapella Mix allows singers and musicians to combine their videos and create mind-blowing mixes.  Want to create a simple yet creative acapella mix? Look no further because the Acapella mix is known for its simplicity. 

Features of Acapella Mix include;

  • After a successful mix, you can upload to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Vine.
  • A very simple and intuitive interface
  • Ability to play, preview before saving
  • Compatible with Android devices

This android app for acapella features various frame layouts for videos. And of course, you can share these videos on other social media.


Best of acapella is a platform that features a lot of great acapella videos already uploaded from Facebook. So, if you enjoy sharing and seeing music videos but lack the time to search for them, look no further. Because all you have to do is download the Best of Acapella app to your device. And enjoy your favorite musical gems, plus you can also share with friends.

With Best of Acapella, you get to choose which of the preloaded videos you want to save. When it comes to sharing, you don’t even access Facebook to do this. Apart from seeing and sharing, users can also upload their favorite acapella videos. Now, these videos will be automatically reviewed and added to the library for other app users to enjoy.  

This app is easy to use and is compatible with your Android device. And, it’s completely free for Android users.

With this app, you don’t need backing singers. Acapella maker allows you to combine different recordings to create your best and final piece. With this app, you can also create memorable video montages for events like birthdays, weddings, etc. 

To get started with Acapella Maker, you have to first choose the desired layout. Then you can fill the collage with your favorite videos. Finally, you combine and share your videos with friends. With Acapella maker, you get to decide on the length of your video. 

This app is free and compatible with your android devices. It has a very simple interface which makes it easy to use even for starters. Acapella also comes with step-by-step instructions to guide users.

In conclusion, You have read through and seen the different androids apps for Acapella. Each app for different purposes. Select the one that suits your needs and have fun.