Google Play Store is an unlimited source of android apps which are available in both forces and paid form. Google Play Store is a trusted place for users to download any kind of application. Most technologies organization always suggest you download any application in your android phone, there is a reason though behind this suggestion which is Google play store is safe and secure to use, but, it doesn’t mean that there are no awesome stuff or package outside Google play store. There are several kinds of entertainment applications to be counted. So if you are curious to download these applications in your android phones, you will have to go through the banned android apps which we are going to list below.

1. Quicklyric

 This is a music-based application that allows you to download the lyrics of your favorite songs on your android phone. The app is a third-party android application and it doesn’t take much space on the internal disk drive after the installation. It is very easy to use and the graphic user into the face is easy to use as well which is also among one of the plus points of using the application. We hope that you will surely install this brilliant android application. Update: The app is now also available on Google Play Store. Here is the Google Play Store Link

2. Viper4Android

Also, a third- party application which is exclusively available for android users who have their android device. Viper4Android is an equalizer app that helps you control every single parameter of your music app. Download Here

3. Vuze Torrent Downloader 

These are you tired of searching torrent files from different torrent search engine websites, then this application will help you for sure. This application is a torrent host application which helps you to access your favorite torrent files within a short period.

4. Popcorn Time 

This application is also a third party application and is developed for entertainment for users. You can easily download or stream any kind of movie or any TV shows just by installing and registering yourself on this brilliant application.

5. Amazon Appstore 

I know you must be thinking what the HELL? What kind of application is this having the brand tag of one of the richest companies in the world??!! Well, this application is developed by technical developers of Amazon but due to restricted content for some countries, it is no longer available on Google Play Store. So, if you want to access some exciting shopping content and android games not in the Google Play Store, you can just download this application. Download Here

6. Google Camera

Yes, the official Google camera application is available on the Google Play store for everybody to download and use but the main camera we are talking about here is not listed as the application comes with an HDR+ Google Camera. But there is a limitation, this feature is only available in the smartphones manufactured by Google itself. So, if you are keen on photography with HDR+ mode, then you must install this brilliant third-party Android application.   10 TOP MUST HAVE APPS FOR MEDICAL STUDENTS 2019 

7. AdWay

This is another awesome application you will not find on Google Play Store. It is an android AD blocker, a complete all-in-one complete solution of blocking the display of unwanted ads and backlinks. They are best to block the ads which are pretty annoying for the users. Download Here

8. Mobdro

An alternative for major entertainment service providers like Netflix or Amazon Prime. This application will not cost you any type of subscription charges at all and will provide you the best online video streaming experience. It is a worthy choice.  In conclusion, we sincerely hope that you are having an awesome time with these best android apps, not on Google Play Store but can be downloaded and installed on your phone. But to download these apps, you need to download their installer package file first. Just try any of the above listed and comment down your favorite android app below. Let’s know your favorite app. 

9. Xtunes

Downloading music and audio will never be an issue again with xtunes. You can easily store music on your android devices without paying or going through too much headache. You can check through from old to new songs as it is constantly updated. This app will give you the opportunity to download all kinds of music with metadata filled from artist name, album year, track and cover photo embedded. Sorting your music should never be a problem with this app. Almost all songs are available in high quality. We have found that all of the latest songs are available in 320kbps quality. If you are a music enthusiast, you will know when you see it. Also, you can search for an entire album and the songs from that album will be enlisted. You will also get an option to download the search song from YouTube if it’s not available in the app’s database. Download Here