FANDROID-APPS-FOR-SHOPPINGor the past years, mobile has been the leader in searching for products and visiting online shops when it comes to online shopping.

Now, the usage of mobile devices coupled with e-commerce has proved to be an advantage for both business owners and app developers.

Are you a business owner seeking platforms to buy from? Or are u seeking for a design template to design your e-commerce android app? Or are you a customer reading this to know which of the e-commerce android apps to download? 

Whatever your reasons are for reading this article will surely be fulfilled. All you have to do is to keep reading. Next, I will be listing out a few android apps for e-commerce.

Let’s go…..



First on my list is the very popular online shopping application. AliExpress was launched in 2010 in China of course.

Now, AliExpress is a part of Alibaba Group but is a global retail marketplace. This market place enables customers from all over the world to buy directly from manufacturers and main distributors in China. 

AliExpress with the slogan “Smarter Shopping, Better Living” is very popular in Brazil, Spain, France, and Russia.

This marketplace android application has the current average rating of 4.62 based on over 7.5 million ratings.




eBay happens to be one of the largest marketplaces that have over 180 million active buyers all over the world. With eBay, you can buy, sell and even save a lot due to the discounted price of products. 

This e-commerce android app enables users from across the world to bid on whatever they want whenever they want.

This awesome app got yet another feature called eBay alerts, you can get the updates on the latest auctions. Whether an auction is closing or if you were outbid. 

The app has a search option that is streamlined to amplify both the buying and selling experience. Other features include quicker transactions by linking Paypal accounts with eBay accounts.

Also, barcode scanning for price comparisons, guest checkouts, and auto-complete searches.


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Wish with the slogan “Shopping Made Fun” is an e-commerce platform that connects hundreds of millions of buyers and sellers across the world.

Wish online shopping marketplace has an app where you find discounted products. 

With the help of Wish’s artificial-intelligence technology, you can find products quickly, filtering out the bad stuff.

The amazing thing about this e-commerce android application is that the more you use the app, the better it gets at showing you things you’ll love. Plus, you even get to earn reward points and redeem coupons.



This American multinational technology company, with the app current rating 4.28 based on 1 million ratings is another e-commerce android app.

It is also one of the online leading marketplace worldwide that provides an outstanding experience to their users. 

Amazon’s Android app is fast and light, also allows you to search and filter a wide range of products with just a couple of clicks. The e-commerce app also provides multiple payments for easy checkouts. Plus, you can also get up-to-the-minute updates about your order. 



This is yet another e-commerce android app that provides ‘deal of the day’ recommendation services for their customers. Groupon app works by luring its users to avail of great offers on a variety of things they need in general.

Things such as eating out at a restaurant or shopping at a fashion store or even a tropical getaway.

Also, Groupon sends promo codes or savings alerts to their customers for the deals near users’ locations. Now Groupon can redeem instantly or share with their family/ friends using their mobile device.



This e-commerce app is an on-demand delivery service that picks up stuff from the nearby stores and delivers them within a time limit. Interesting right?

With Grofers, you can place requests for grocery and staples, meat, fruits and vegetables, household and pharmacy items, etc. and get them delivered at his doorstep.

The e-commerce app is beautifully designed with full-width photographs and a simple interface that entices the users.



Next on my list is an online hotel searching site that displays the name, price, availability, images, and reviews of hotels in a particular place.

However, when users make their selection, they are redirected to the hotel portal to complete the booking.

Finally, in addition to the hotel searches, the e-commerce app also provides interactive maps. It also displays accommodation close to a user’s current location.



Last on my list is the Walmart mobile app offers a rich shopping experience to the users from the comfort of their homes. When users log on to the app, it redirects you to to help users search and purchase products. 

Other features of this app include real-time price capsulation, QR code scanning. And finally, the ability to add items to the shopping cart either by typing, speaking, or scanning bar codes. 



As you can see from the above list, whatever service or products you want, there is an e-commerce android app for you. You think our we missed out on shopping Apps please contact us or drop us a comment we will be happy to give you the credit.