22 limited-time Father’s Day gifts (2021)


Apple iPad is now $299 ($30 off): It’s great to have an iPad at home. They are perfect for sending and receiving emails, streaming TV, reading, and many other tasks. There are more advanced versions, but the standard iPad may be good enough. This is a fairly standard discounted price on Amazon (Apple is more expensive), but we include it because it is one of the great technology gifts for adults.

Dad’s other specials

Stanley Adventure Cooler

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Stanley Adventure Cooler is now $60 ($30 off): Not every cooler must be made of metal and have a built-in sound system and cup holder. Stanley Adventure is sturdy and durable, relatively light in weight, and can hold 21 cans of various beverages, such as beer, IPA, porter and dark beer. And non-alcoholic beverages, I guess.

Brooks B17 leather bicycle saddle for $100 ($45 off): Upgrade Dad’s bike with a high-quality saddle. The B17 is still manufactured in the UK and has been Brooks’ best-selling seat for more than 100 years. It takes a while to break in, but as one of WIRED’s bike testers, I find it more comfortable than the plastic seats that come with most bikes.

Alan Edmonds 30% discount promotion: For 99 years, Allen Edmonds has been making shoes by hand in the United States. Although some models are now manufactured overseas, many of its most well-known models are still manufactured in Wisconsin. If Dad needs to be a big step higher in quality than the usual department store shoes, he can consider measuring his feet secretly and buying him a pair of AE. They will last for many, many years, because they can be reassembled and repaired.

Victorinox Swiss Army Tinker Pocket Knife, now $29 ($15 off): As i am in mine Guide to the best multifunction tools, Victorinox’s Swiss Army Knife series are all of high quality. I rated the Deluxe Tinker as the best pocket knife, but Tinker only lacks hooks, scissors and mini pliers, and is thinner in size but with the same fit and finish.

DEWALT 20V Cordless Drill

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