20 Best Fun Christmas Apps For Android And iOS 2019

Christmas is all about fun and holiday, it is a bright and a wonderful time to spend with family, friends, and foe. But we all know our mobile is yet another place to seek refuge just in case you can’t be with family. f you need a break or want fun ways to integrate your iPhone or android into your festivities, then here are our favorite best fun Christmas apps that we know Yule just love!


  • Christmas Wallpapers & Backgrounds — Xinmin Wang
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas + iMessage Sticker Pack
  • Toca Hair Salon – Christmas Gift
  • Christmas Photo Effects – ELF Yourself Santa Booth
  • Christmas Sweeper 3
  • A Call From Santa!
  • Christmas Pics Quiz Game
  • Santa Video Call and Tracker
  • Fruited Xmas
  • Greedy Pigs X’mas
  • Angry Chicken: Christmas
  • Christmas snow
  • Christmas Games
  • Santa in the city 3D
  • Where’s Santa?
  • Yummy Christmas
  • ICaroler
  • Twas The Night Before Christmas
  • Coca-Cola Christmas Snow Globes
  • Appy Christmas



  • Christmas Wallpapers & Backgrounds — Xinmin Wang

This app right here is the deal? It boasts of gorgeous wallpapers for your iPhone or iPad and android that bring a little Christmas cheer to your device. This app is very similarly laid out to the Zedge platform, so if you’re used to using that website for your wallpapers, you’ll be right at home. There are millions of wallpapers to choose from, so you won’t run out during the holidays!

Free – Download now




  • A Charlie Brown Christmas + iMessage Sticker Pack

Everyone’s favorite kids and his dog can be found on your iPhone, you can also experience all that a wonderful Santas has to offer. You can play Schroeder’s piano, you can aswell go caroling with the Peanuts choir, fingerpaint, and more.

All the nostalgia and all the feels are tightly wrapped in this cute and heart-warming app that’s sure to bring back memories of the first time you watched to a cartoon, while creating new ones for this holiday. There’s also an iMessage sticker pack so you can fill your chat windows with all that Schulz goodness.


  • Toca Hair Salon – Christmas GiftAre you bored? and you want to showcase how stylish you can be, the toca xmas hair saloonToca Hair Salon – Christmas Gift is pretty cute and lovely. You get to style either Santa or a Christmas tree (named Topsy) you can do everything from snipping the hair (or branches) with scissors to dyeing with an assortment of colors and adding your own decorations like presents and Christmas balls.Free – Download now




  • Christmas Photo Effects – ELF Yourself Santa Booth 

    Spice up your Christmas selfies with some fun and lovely filters, stickers, and even great looking digital costumes. Christmas photo effects areBest Fun Christmas Apps great in that you can resize the stickers to fit in and also that the Santa hats, elf ears, reindeer antlers, beards, and more actually fit the faces in your photos.

    Free – Download now






  • Christmas Sweeper 3Best Fun Christmas AppsThis is a Candy Crush like a game app but it speak volume about Yuletide, Christmas Sweeper 3 has you matching Christmas-related objects, from ornaments and Christmas trees to gingerbread men. There are modes for the level of expertise, though they’re not too difficult. This is good, time-wasting fun for the whole family and a great game to play.Free – Download now


  • Santa Video Call and TrackerIt’s mainly for kids as they seem to be the real believer in Santa, then this is the perfect app to keep that love alive. In this fast technological age, the burden of proof is a  very heavy one. Do you get questions like Why can’t I just text my list to Santa?Well, now the little ones can, and they can get a phone call from the Big Man himself, telling them if they’re on the naughty or nice list. The text messages are preprogrammed hence they kind of hit and miss. This definitely doesn’t stop the fun thrill.

    You might need to enter some key pieces of information, like your kid’s age and interests, as well as the reason for the call, and then schedule the phone call and when it rings, you give it to your child and boom, Santa calls.

    You can even call Santa’s voicemail and have your child record his or her Christmas list and do other fun things.

    Free Download now

  • Fruited Xmas

This is the game, Very enjoyable and keeps your mind aware of the yuletide you will need to gather fruits to win.
Free Download

  • Greedy Pigs X’mas

Greedy pigs give you the task to defend and safeguard Santa from enemies You will need to build for Santa to ensure he is safe.
 Free Download

  • Angry Chicken: Christmas: If you get stressed very often, then this app is for you. Your aim here is to gather as many eggs as you can, However, where the main challenge lies is that you cannot drop them. I can ensure that it is a good way of calming your nerves.
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  • Christmas snow its mainly for android users. The best part is that wallpapers fit all the screen sizes of all phones. I can see you smiling to that
    Free Download
  • Christmas Games                                                                                   There are about 6 Christmas games embedded in this application. However, the good side of it consists of a fact that it is created to develop the imaginative and coordination skills of people well with the yuletide feel all over it.
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 Santa in the city 3D

If you dream of riding Santa’s sleigh very high above the city and yelling, it is possible with the help of Santa in the city 3d, which seems too realistic very much, because of the 3D format.


Where’s Santa?

I know many want to know where Santa Claus is at the moment? With the help of this app, you can get the answer to your question, You can also find out what he is doing. It is an especially useful app for children, as they can easily learn many parts of the world.

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  • Yummy Christmas                                                                                              This app makes Christmas yummy as it helps to teach kids preparations of dishes for special occasions like Christmas. It may be surprising for you, but your little kids will love it. Just download this app and let them enjoy and learn the easiest recipes, which will be very interesting for them and also helping for you                                                                        Free Download


  • ICaroler                                                                                                                  It’s an app, that provides you the chance to sing with others, as there exist many Christmas songs here.
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  • Twas The Night Before Christmas                                                              This app gives you the opportunity to read lovely poems, well you can also pre-record the poem on the app for anybody to listen to.                                Price: $3.99 Download


  • Coca-Cola Christmas Snow Globes                                                           Here, you can make some joyful dances with others. Moreover, you may write Christmas messages and put them around the globe.
     Free Download

Appy Christmas

Speaking to Santa Claus just got a lot easier, and see how he repeats your sayings in a funny voice. You can als0 play on his nerves by poking or stroking it, watch him and see how he will react.
Free Download


I hope these Best Fun Christmas Apps will help you to enjoy your Christmas with more fun and joy.