As the demand for podcasts continues to grow, more people than ever are wondering which is the best podcast app for Android.

And due to the massive selection of Android podcast apps out there, that’s not a straightforward question to answer. But don’t worry too much. Just keep reading to find out more. 

However, in this article, we are going to explain what a podcast is, how to listen to podcasts, and crucially the best podcast apps for your android.


Let’s define Podcast in the simplest terms. A podcast is an audio presentation that you can download or stream from the internet.

You can always find a podcast on the web and just listen to it through your browser. Which may be available on iTunes or any of your favorite streaming service.

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  • Listening to Podcasts on the Web

One of the easiest ways to listen to a podcast is via your PC’s browser. You can simply browse iTunes from your desktop browser, you cannot currently play any podcasts this way.

Although, some services require you to create a free account. Read more on this topic here

  • Listening to Podcasts with iTunes

As you know, the dominant podcast player is iTunes, which is perfect for listening to macOS and Windows 10.

Now, that you have iTunes installed on your computer and an Apple account set up, you’ll find recommendations, top episodes, and top podcasts. Just note that iTunes is the “home” of podcasts. Verge will explain this further.

  • Downloading Podcasts on iPhone and iPad

Want to listen to podcasts nonstop on your iPhone or iPad?

The Podcasts app on Apple gives you access to all the podcasts on iTunes, without having to browse the entire library.

Apple Podcasts apps are completely free to install on iOS. It is probably installed already.

Enjoy Podcasts on Android

Well, if you are an Android user, there are several good options available for you. One of the most popular is Pocket casts, which is ad-free and features some topic-based discovery tools. 

Now let’s move on to the best Android Apps for podcasts.



First on my list is Pocket Casts. Which has been a favorite for Android users for a long time, and with its regular updates, it just keeps getting better.

This app comes with audio effects, the ability to schedule downloads while you sleep, on-the-fly episode streaming support, and automatic episode syncing between Android, iOS.

Including, including the web app, and multiple storage options. The podcast is Android Auto-compatible.

The pocket cast is one of the most full-featured podcast players available. Well for me, Pocket Casts is definitely the best podcast app for Android.


The second on our list is Podcast Addict.

This app not only lets you organize and download your podcasts, but it also lets you control and manage audiobooks. Not only that, but also live radio, YouTube channels, SoundCloud and Twitch subscriptions, and RSS feeds.

This podcast app also works as a standalone MP3 player. It is android compatible. Plus, it is also compatible with Chromecast, Android Auto, and Android Wear.


This is yet another android app for a podcast. These android app tries to distinguish itself from the competition with its content discovery tools. All you need do is tell the app what interests you and it will take care of the rest.

The features of this app include; no ads, giving a clean and crisp user interface. It also offers automatic syncing between other Android devices and the web app.

However, you should note that the app is not free. 



The Stitcher app is now one of the best podcast apps for Android.

The app is great at introducing you to new shows thanks to its podcast discovery engine. This discovery engine suggests new content based on your listening tastes and favorite topics.

The moment you add up all your favorite podcasts, you can “stitch” them together into one long radio-Esque marathon. Stitcher lets you intersperse them with actual radio content, such as breaking news and your favorite shows.


This is another android app for a podcast that can stake a serious claim as the best podcast app on Android.

BeyondPod has both a free and paid tier. While, the free tier provides access to common settings such as playback speed, sleep timers, and volume boost, along with the podcast discovery tools.

The Pro version, on the other hand, adds support for casting to Chromecasts and other devices. Also, customized playback speeds, the ability to download several new episodes at the same time, and multi-device synchronization.

This android app offers smart playlists. Creating lists of new content based on your past listening habits.


The five apps we’ve discussed are among the best Android podcast apps. But, none of them can be used without any content to listen to.